Heo Hoon, who ended in defeat, seeks his first win since returning to the 13G 12th win against “DB Fortress.”

“The King” Heo Hoon is aiming for his first victory since his return against the KBL’s strongest “DB Fortress.”

Suwon kt will play a home game against Wonju DB in the second round of professional basketball in 2023-24 at Suwon kt Sonic Boom Arena on the 21st.

KT also played the first round match against DB at Suwon Home, but lost 84-91. The game was once pushed to 21 points, but it surprised DB with a fierce chase with Ha Yoon-ki and Paris Bath in the fourth quarter.

The second round face-off against DB, which will be held again in Suwon. This time, ace Heo Hoon, who has been waiting for so long, will come out. Heo Hoon made his comeback against SK in Seoul last time and proved to be still the best with 26 points, two rebounds, four assists and three steals, playing 31 minutes and 31 seconds. However, it was defeated 87-102, and the return of the king did not end with a victory.

Huh Hoon’s joining is no different from KT’s point of view. The return of the ace is clearly meaningful in a situation where Ha Yoon-ki’s injury has been hit hard. On top of that, we have the best defender Moon Sung-gon in the KBL, so we are confident.

However, the DB that Huh Hoon has to deal with is currently the strongest team in the KBL. He is racing without knowing the defeat to the extent that he lost only one game in 13 games. Strong role players such as Kim Young-hyun, Park In-woong, Choi Seung-wook and Seo Min-soo are supporting the fantastic lineup, which is followed by Didrick Lawson, Lee Sun-bano, Kang Sang-jae, and Kim Jong-kyu.

DB is a team that can carry out various strategies and tactics such as the right triple post and three guards. It even has professional defenders, so there are many players who will bother Heo Hoon for 40 minutes.

However, Heo Hoon is the best guard in the KBL who can show all his skills even in the concentrated check of the opponent. In the last SK match, Kim Sun-hyung, Choi Won-hyuk, Oh Jae-hyun and Ahn Young-joon stood in front of him, but eventually scored 26 points, including five three-point shots.

However, you cannot win on your own. Moon Sung-gon, who failed to find a balance in the last SK match, and Bath, which scored in single digits (8 points) for the first and last time this season in the first round match against DB, should create synergy with Huh Hoon. 토토사이트

Currently, DB is the strongest that no one can easily block. In order for Heo Hoon to succeed in the true “return of the king,” he needs to play more than SK in the DB match and win.

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