Henri’s anger, who was humiliated by Hwang Sun-hong, said, “Why do you cross like that?”

On the 21st, French media Foot Mercato coolly criticized the French U-21 national team’s complete defeat led by “Legendary” Henry. “The French national team, which started preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics, lost 0-2 to Austria, and was completely defeated 0-3 in a friendly match against the Korean national team in Le Havre-Stade Osean, France,” it reported.

He wrote, “I aimed to overcome the defeat against Austria and get back on track through the match against Korea, but unfortunately it did not advance as planned.” “This friendly match was aimed at finishing the A-match break with a smile, but it was quite difficult throughout the first half without creating any significant chances or attack opportunities, and Mattis Tell fired his first shot with a cross from the left side of the Korean penalty box in the 20th minute, but it was not enough to harass South Korea’s goalkeeper Shin Sung-hoon,” he added. 카지노사이트 순위

“In the 24th minute of the first half, Lesley Ugochuku’s header, which received a free kick from Magnes Acliuche, hit the crossbar, Bradley Barcola’s right-footed kick in the 27th minute of the first half, and Acliuche’s powerful shot in the 44th minute of the first half all missed,” he said, pointing out that “there were many technical mistakes by France.” “Korea also failed to show any significant performance except for Hwang Jae-won’s great cross, and 7,127 French fans had high expectations in the second half amid the Normandy cold, but the situation did not change much.” I struggled to open the Korean goal, but to no avail. “There were many mistakes in the last touch or pass, and the efficiency was low.”

He mentioned Jung Sang-bin’s performance under the subtitle ‘There was Jung Sang-bin in Le Havre.’ “In the 25th minute of the second half, a free kick from the 25th minute of the goal, Jeong Sang-bin’s great shot was put at the top of the goal, and in the 24th minute of the second half, Jeong Sang-bin’s multi-goal took advantage of a French defense mistake, leading South Korea 2-0. France continued to aim for a score, but it ended in nothing, and as coach Thierry Henry’s France ran toward its second consecutive victory, boos began to come from the Osean stands. At the moment of chaos, South Korea won 3-0 with Hong Yoon-sang’s wedge goal in the injury time.

Meanwhile, manager Thierry Henry did not hide his anger immediately after the defeat. “You shouldn’t allow a run like that. The second and third runs were so ridiculous. I just let Cross come up. There was no need to commit a foul that gave away a free kick. The last scene of the run itself explains the situation, he said. “There is something called realism in football. “If you create a lot of opportunities, but you don’t score, you’ll give your opponent a chance to fight back,” he said. “(Jung Sang-bin’s) free-kick was beautiful, but I was able to avoid the other two runs,” he said. “We have to learn from this scene. In terms of fighting spirit, it was better than the match against Austria, but the result is terrible. “It’s more worrisome than the match against Austria,” he said, expressing regret.

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