‘Hello’ Suarez-Pirella-Vucanan, Samsung’s strongest foreign trio ever, on the verge of disbanding in a year

In 2022, Samsung completed the formation of foreign players with David Buchanan, Albert Suarez (pitcher), and Jose Pirella (outfielder). Buchanan, who has won 15 games in 2020 and 2021, has been standing tall as the top foreign starter in the KBO League, achieved double-digit wins (11 wins and 8 losses) for three consecutive years in 2022 despite the negative factors that left him out of his team for about a month due to a right thumb injury.

Suarez, who made his KBO league debut in 2022, had only six wins and eight losses in 30 games. Although he failed to accumulate wins due to lack of scoring support, he did his part as a starting pitcher by achieving a 2.49 ERA and 19 quality starts. 메이저 토토사이트

Pirella, who entered Korea for the first time in 2021, has completed his career high season in his second year. He played 141 games with a batting average of 342 percent (192 hits in 561 times at bat), 28 homers, 109 RBIs, 102 runs and 15 steals, making him the MVP of the game. He embraced the golden glove in the outfield category along with Na Sung-bum and Lee Jung-hoo.

Suarez hurt his left calf when he was about to cover the first base at a match against LG in Daegu on Aug. 6 last year, and had his calf muscle damaged by 12 centimeters, which requires about four weeks for him to recover. The Samsung Lions parted ways with Suarez and hired Taylor Widener, who played for NC Dinosaurs.

Pirella had a batting average of 285 percent (559 hits from 557 times at bat) with 16 homers, 80 RBIs, 66 runs and six steals in 139 games last year, but failed to renew his contract. After separating from Pirella, the Samsung Lions recruited David McKinnon (inner) from the Japanese pro baseball league and signed Connor Seabold (pitcher) from the current big leaguer.

The club is also well aware that it is best to join Buchanan. However, we cannot afford to wait until Buchanan accepts the proposal from the club. Samsung is reportedly planning to sign a contract with another foreign pitcher who will have a one-two punch with Seabold. The club’s best foreign player association is likely to disappear into the past.

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