Hamstring injury ‘No.7’ → “I’m drinking too much” sighs…Pochettino “Just ignore it!”

Talk Sports of the U.K. said on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time), “James, who is in danger of playing at the European Championship (Euro 2024) due to hamstring surgery, is being criticized by fans. James also reacted negatively to the injury.”

According to media, James recently underwent surgery for a hamstring injury. He is expected to be sidelined for up to four months. In the worst case scenario, he may not be able to play at Euro 2024, which will be held in June next year.

James missed seven games earlier after injuring his hamstring in the season opener against Liverpool. He returned in early October, but was too hasty. Earlier this month, he suffered a recurrence of a hamstring injury in a game against Everton, and was eventually put on the operating table in Finland, where a hamstring specialist is located.

“This time, it took me a little longer to find the best solution. I’ve decided to have surgery to deal with the recurring hamstring problem. I’m in the process of recovering physically and mentally,” James said on his social media account.

He also confessed that he has been under a lot of criticism from fans. As he has already injured his hamstring for the seventh time in the past three years, fans who were worried at first are getting angry at him.

“After the injury, I received a lot of support, but I got a lot more hate and negative reaction. I don’t want to get injured. I am the happiest person when I play soccer,” James said. “I feel like I can go a long way thanks to the understanding people who support me, for better or for worse.”

Pochettino, a teacher who saw his student suffer from criticism from fans, gave sincere advice. “Pochettino insisted that James should be able to ignore criticism against soccer players and coaches after confessing that he was targeted online after undergoing surgery,” the U.K.’s Daily Mail said on Sunday.

According to the media, Pochettino said, “We’re too exposed. Today people can hurt others too easily,” adding, “It’s too easy to write on social media. It’s also trending to say bad things. What makes me sad is not the people who can write such negative things on social media. What makes me really sad is the people who are involved in this.” 안전한 파워볼사이트

Pochettino said, “No one can hurt me. Of course, my teammates can hurt me. When I hear words with gratitude and respect, I think a lot,” adding, “What if I go on social media and someone criticizes me? I don’t care. Those things won’t change how I feel or how I look at things. If I lose a game, I get SNS, text messages and emails, but I never open them. There are not many such things. It’s just a part of them.” He stressed that he needs a posture that can be ignored.

“Should I, as a coach, decide based on what people think? If the owner told me that he changed his or her opinion based on social media posts, I would think it would be ridiculous,” he said. “People in this business should be smart. To be smart means to trust people around you,” he added, adding that he needs help from people around him.

Meanwhile, Chelsea have not been able to pull out of this season’s slump. After Pochettino took the helm, he is only ranked 10th with six wins, four draws and seven losses in 17 league games. There are still many games left, but the gap with Manchester City in fourth place is 12 points, making it virtually impossible to compete for the top spot.

Pochettino is one of the people who has experienced direct criticism from fans amid widespread public opinion on social media. Based on the advice given to James, Pochettino doesn’t seem to care much about the public opinion of his fans.

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