GeoLocs Partners With Rhino Entertainment

The development believes mkodo’s geolocation service, GeoLocs, will provide Rhino Entertainment Group and its Casino players throughout Ontario with an improved location verification experience, giving them the ability to play safe, secure, fraud-free games. 온라인카지노

Already living in Ontario for months, Rhino Entertainment now benefits from GeoLocs’ frictionless user experience offering. This powerful solution no longer requires Rhino Entertainment’s players to download companion apps to verify their location on the mobile web or desktop browser, simply giving them location permission to access the service on the mobile web or desktop browser.

In addition, the self-service GeoLocs Portal allows Rhino Entertainment to easily and quickly manage and interpret real-time statistics and report suspicious activity thanks to an intuitive interface.

Ross Parkhill, CEO of Rhino Entertainment, said, “By working with GeoLocs and geolocation services to enhance what Ontario offers, we are confident that we will provide a seamless and safe experience for our athletes in the region while meeting the regulatory needs of the region.” “The user experience and focus on the intuitive, self-managing interface behind GeoLocs were key drivers of our decision to integrate and collaborate with mkodo’s team and services. We are delighted to provide our players with the best UX in terms of positioning in Ontario.”

GeoRox was the first cross-platform geolocation provider to make a live presence in Ontario. The service was officially launched to the industry in January 2023, but has historically evolved to live for more than a decade as it has only been available to customers of Emkodo’s iGaming app. GeoRox is specifically built to support iGaming operators and operates in accordance with local regulations.

“We are proud because another fantastic operator is located in Ontario’s iGaming market and provides Rhino Entertainment’s players with a seamless UX when checking their locations,” said Stuart Godfree, mkodo’s managing director. “Rhino Entertainment is a fast-growing online gaming operator, offering online gaming products in several regulatory zones, and we are excited to support our journey in the region and our expansion into the rest of North America.”

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