“Futures Home Run, No. 1 RBI Release Notice” unfinished Slugger farewell, “I didn’t become a superstar that others thought, but I was honored and happy to play baseball with superstars.”

Former Samsung Lions batter Taehoon Lee (28), who was notified of his inability to renew his contract on the 25th, said goodbye to his fans.

Taehoon Lee, who joined Samsung in 2018 after graduating from Dongsung High School and Hongik University, drew attention as a right-handed slugger. After joining the team, he expanded his defense range not only to third base but also to outfield to strengthen his competitiveness, but settled on first base to reduce the burden on defense and focus only on offense.

Making his first debut in the first division in 2021, he played a total of 25 games and scored only three runs with a batting average of 188 (6 hits in 32 at-bats).

Taehoon Lee did not show a remarkable performance on the first team stage, but he showed his potential as a slugger, ranking first in home runs and RBIs in the Futures Southern League in 2021.

Taehoon Lee said on his Instagram, “Thank you so much for supporting me and supporting me. It was hard to meet good seniors and juniors while I was at Samsung, but I was so happy to play baseball with such colleagues.”

“Although I didn’t become a superstar that others thought, I was honored and happy to be able to play baseball on the ground with superstars. I will always cheer for you and live with pride,” he added.

Lastly, Taehoon Lee said, “Thank you so much to the fans who supported me once again, and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t repay you as much as you looked forward to and cheered for me. Thank you always.”

Taehoon Lee, who is still young and has a lot of potential, is training individually while waiting for the call from other clubs. 슬롯머신

Meanwhile, Samsung excluded Noh Kun-woo, Park Se-woong, Jang Ji-hoon, Kim Yong-ha, Kim Joon-woo, Maeng Sung-joo, Park Yong-min (pitchers above), Kim Ho-jae, Taehoon Lee, Yoon Jung-hoon (infielders above), and Song Joon-seok (outfielders) from the list of suspended players.

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