Former professional baseball players in the truth battle between Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong are also investigated as references… The speed of the investigation

The police investigation is speeding up amid allegations between Kim Ha-sung, who sued his junior for blackmail and intimidation, and former player Lim Hye-sung, who said he had been repeatedly assaulted.

To sum up the MBN coverage, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul, which investigated Kim as a complainant on the 6th, yesterday (8th) investigated Kim’s former agency official and his teammates during his KBO league activities as a reference.

In addition, it is known that today (9th), the weekend, is also calling in officials from the incident to investigate.

The police plan to adjust the date of Lim’s attendance as soon as the reference investigation is completed, and then review cross-examination between the two. 온라인경마

Earlier, Kim filed a complaint against Lim, claiming that he paid 400 million won as a settlement after a scuffle at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul, two years ago, but demanded additional money and valuables.

When Lim released the photo, saying he was assaulted, Kim warned of additional charges, saying, “It is clearly false,” and Lim is also preparing to counteract.

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