First of all, I’ve crossed the line, and now Won Tae-in, So Young-jun… What’s the end of Yoon Young-chul’s inning?

As the level of the league rises, it is difficult for rookies to play as well as they used to in the first season of their debut. The starting pitcher, one of the most difficult positions to enter, is more so. So the players who go through the needle hole are more special, and each one gets more special attention.

This year, Yoon Young-chul (19, KIA) is like that. In fierce competition, he beat his seniors to join the team’s opening rotation. It is more difficult to keep the position than to take it, but Yoon Young-chul has kept the position with his skills. Although it is not an overwhelming pitch, he has maintained his position as a starter so far with pitching like a rooster that rarely loses a large amount of points. His boldness and skill, which is hard to say as a high school graduate, have already surprised many officials.

As of the 4th, Yoon Young-chul played in 20 games (19 starts) of the season and played 98 innings, with 8 wins, 5 losses and an ERA of 4.13. The 1.39 on-base-per-innings (WHIP) is also not that high. Although it is difficult to use the modifier of express, it is a good and honorable performance given that he is a 19-year-old rookie pitcher. He is the best rookie pitcher of the year. From a pitcher in the first five innings of the season, he is now on his way to a pitcher in the sixth inning by expanding that limit. He is a player who has even shown growth.

He has been a steady starter and is now at the end of the season. It is also important how to wrap up. This is because it is in line with next year. For now, the rotation position is expected to remain. If Yoon Young-chul maintains his health, it is flowing to a picture where he can start and finish. So is the individual’s will, and so is the team’s situation. 바카라사이트

KIA has punches everywhere in its starting rotation. Foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez is not easy to join in September due to an elbow injury. Lee Eui-ri is scheduled to convene the Hangzhou Asian Games on September 22. There are already a lot of team games left, and the doubleheader schedule is stuck like a bomb. It is difficult to exclude Yoon Young-chul, the existing starter, in a situation that needs more selection. It would be nice if there was room to reduce the burden on the rookie’s shoulder, but unfortunately, the situation for his team KIA is not.

Possibilities and pitch quality proved. Now, the interest is to what level the first season’s innings will be completed. It’s a difficult schedule to say that he went too far because he started with five starters. He played only once after four days off. There were nine games after a five-day break and nine more after a break. The number of pitches did not exceed 100 pitches. However, it is difficult for high school graduates to keep their rotation. It may seem like an easy schedule now, but in retrospect, it can be an unreasonable schedule for Lee.

We can refer to recent precedents. As of the 4th, Yoon Young-chul has pitched 98 innings in the first division and 13 innings in the second division this year. It is 111 innings in total. Lee Eui-ri, who was two years senior to the team and also played the rotation as a high school graduate, has overcome. Lee Eui-ri pitched 94 ⅔ innings in the first division at the time. The innings thrown at the Tokyo Olympics will be added to this. However, as the season was ended early due to injury, the inning could be managed. Last year, in his second year, he pitched 154 innings in the first division.

Lee Min-ho (LG) pitched 97 ⅔ innings in the first division and three innings in the second division in 2020, slightly exceeding 100 innings. Won Tae-in (Samsung) played 112 innings in the first division and 10 ⅓ innings in the second division in 2019, playing a total of 122 innings. The rookie pitcher with the most innings pitched in recent years was Cho Hyung-joon (kt) in 2020. So Hyung-joon played 133 innings in the first team in 2020. In addition, pitching innings in the postseason were added. It was more innings than kt’s original calculation at the time.

Yoon Young-chul’s 111 innings is already more than Lee Min-ho in Ui-ri. At this rate, Won Tae-in’s first season inning is likely to pass, and there is a possibility that it will surpass So Hyung-joon’s first season. Keeping the starting rotation and continuing to throw the ball means that his skills are recognized, but it also leads to the immediate task of checking his physical condition more in the future as he is a high school graduate. KIA is also closely monitoring Yoon Young-chul’s physical condition. Stay healthy and complete the season to go to next year without losing experience this year.

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