“Everyone was so good that I screamed during the game.” Lee Jung-hyun, SOK’s ambassador, appears at the K League All-Star soccer game

Lee Jung-hyun appeared at the 2023 K-League Integrated Football All-Star Game at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul on the 9th.

The 2023 Special Olympics Korea K-League Integrated Football All-Star Game, which started in 2021 and marks its third anniversary this year, is the only All-Star Game for Korea’s developmentally disabled soccer players, where players from the integrated soccer team who have performed brilliantly this year and former and current players from the K-League play together as a team. At the same time, it is a festival that concludes the one-year journey of Special Olympics Korea-K-League integrated football.

In particular, former and current K-League players, team Goale, and integrated soccer players (special Olympians and partners) participated in the All-Star Game, and more than 100 developmentally disabled people and 300 fans visited the stadium to fill the stadium.

Before the game started, Lee appeared at the stadium. It was to appoint an honorary ambassador for Special Olympics Korea. Special Olympics Korea and Lee Jung-hyun, who are taking the lead in providing various opportunities and experiences to people with developmental disabilities through sports, culture and art, are joining together. 파워볼게임

Lee Jung-hyun said, “Thank you very much, and it’s an honor. If you get a request from me or ask me to do something good together, I will actively participate and help you hard. Please keep an eye on me.”

Even after the appointment ceremony, Lee did not leave the venue. He greeted the athletes with a big smile and accepted their request for pictures. When he shook hands, he made eye contact with the special players and exchanged respect for them. “A goodwill ambassador comes in sometimes. Most of them are goodwill ambassadors, but Special Olympics Korea promised to do so because it is a meaningful and good occasion.”

Lee said he enjoys watching soccer on a regular basis. There is even a favorite soccer player. “I always enjoy watching soccer. Whenever there is a soccer game, my whole family gathers in front of the TV to watch it,” Lee said. “I like Park Ji-sung because I am an old man. I also like Son Heung-min these days.”

Lee Jung-hyun, who watched the match, was surprised. He witnessed the special player and his partner playing as a team together. When the special player scored first, he applauded and admired. He could not hide his pride when he saw the special player and his partner playing in the stadium.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “I was surprised because everyone was so good. I was so surprised the whole time I watched the game because they were so good.” “They were all shouting and screaming. They were all so cool.”

Lee Jung-hyun, who experienced the All-Star Game in integrated football, will continue to serve as an honorary ambassador for Special Olympics Korea. In addition, he plans to continue his activities as a multi-entertainer.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “I will do my part as I am the ambassador for Special Olympics Korea. I will work really hard,” and added, “I will continue to work hard in many activities, so I hope you keep an eye on me.”

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