Everyone was hooked… Ohtani, I didn’t go to Toronto

Bob Nightingale, a major league reporter for “USA Today,” quoted a source as saying on the 9th (Korea time) that Ohtani did not go to Toronto, did not board a flight to Toronto, and was staying at his home in Southern California.

Other major league professional reporters, such as John Hayman of the New York Post and Ben Nicholson-Smith of SportsNet, reported the same news.

Earlier, Major League columnist John Morosi said Ohtani’s decision is imminent, and a decision may be made as early as the 9th (Korea time).

Meanwhile, the movement of an aircraft has become a hot topic on social media.

A small plane, Bombardier Global 5000, departed Orange County Airport in Santa Ana, California, on the morning of the 8th local time and headed to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As the same plane that Ohtani used earlier headed from Southern California, where Ohtani lives, to Toronto, the Blue Jays’ hometown, it became an airplane that pays attention not only to fans but also to the media.

It has been predicted that Ohtani will be on the plane to sign with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Morosi added fuel to the speculation, citing sources, saying that “Otani is on his way to Toronto.”

Some media even reported that Ohtani had agreed to a contract with the Blue Jays.

However, as a result, it turned out that Ohtani did not get on this plane. Everyone was hooked.

According to SportsNet, the private jet, which attracted fans’ attention, was the one with a Canadian businessman named Robert Heyyavitch on board.

On the same day, another rumor was made. An opera singer in Canada posted a message on Twitter saying, “Yusei Kikuchi, a left-hander of Toronto, has reserved a seat for 50 people at a sushi restaurant near Rogers Centre.”

Suspicions were raised that Kikuchi might have set up a place to welcome Ohtani to Toronto, but this also proved to be untrue. 토토사이트

Ohtani is reportedly weighing four Angels teams, including Toronto, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants, and the original team LA.

Recently, it was known that he visited these clubs in person. Toronto visited a training facility instead of a stadium.

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