Dutch regulator KSA touts 2024 oversight agenda

To achieve its mission of “safe gaming,” the KSA says it will strengthen the protection of vulnerable players in the Netherlands by preventing addiction. The country has taken steps to do this, including introducing a ban on most forms of advertising in 2023. 파친코

The KSA also aims to have at least 90% of its players gamble with legitimate providers in the Netherlands to combat illegal online offerings. In a December article on IGB, Yield Sec CEO Ismail Vali noted that the KSA’s current approach does not appear to have any clear success under actual enforcement conditions.

The KSA is promising to further support partners, including police and tax authorities, for investigations in the physical realm. Regulators hope this will lead to “hostile” outcomes between different organizations.

The KSA’s final area of emphasis is on compliance with data delivery. The KSA wants the data to be delivered in a “timely, complete and correct” manner, which will make it easier for the KSA to quickly identify potential wrongdoing.

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