Disgraceful events in Korea, and the damage is up to the fans

Three soccer legends, including Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho, Italian soccer legends Cannavaro and Materachi, held a joint press conference at Fairmont Ambassador Seoul on the morning of the 10th. Cannavaro, Materachi and Ronaldinho (from left) have a photo session, journalist Jeong Si-jong

The “Legend All-Star Game,” which drew attention due to the participation of legends from three countries, Korea, Brazil and Italy, was canceled. It is only about a week before the game. While there were great doubts about the success of the game (Goyang) and ticket prices from the time they were released, the sudden cancellation was decided as the money issue was entangled. Last summer, soccer-related events such as Naples and Mayorkas’ visit to Korea and the Korea Tour were canceled, leading to disgrace. The damage is entirely up to the fans. 바카라

Interpark tickets, which had booked tickets for the Legend Match, announced on its website on the 12th that the game was canceled due to the host’s circumstances. Fans who bought tickets promised refunds. The match was organized by Lashing City Group, headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Travel, a travel company. Traveling, a domestic company, has not even expressed its official position yet, erasing only related posts on social media (SNS).

Initially, the Legendary All-Star Game was scheduled to be held at Goyang Stadium on the 21st. Brazil’s Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Kaká and Italy were expected to feature a large number of legends, including Paolo Maldini, Francesco Totti, Fabio Cannavaro and Alessandro Del Piero, while South Korea was also scheduled to participate with Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Woon-jae and Kim Nam-il. It was promoted as an event in which Korea, Brazil, and Italy each set up a legendary team and have a showdown.

As they are so world-class players, fans also had high expectations. Whenever the news of Legends entering the country was reported, fans gathered together at Incheon International Airport. Ahn Jung-hwan, who was scheduled to participate in the competition as a Korean legend, could not hide his joy, saying, “I never thought I could play with these world-class players before I died.”

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