Cryptocurrency Received as Prize Money ‘Tteoksang’… Lee Ye-won Sitting 600 Million Times

Lee Ye-won, who won three gold medals in the KLPGA tour this year, including the grand prize, the prize money king, and the first place in average at bat, has a strong wallet as the price of cryptocurrency she received as prize money for the event competition soared last month.

The cryptocurrency that was awarded to Lee was the winner of the “Wimix Championship 2023” held on April 19. At the time, Lee received 250,000 Wimix. At the time of his win, the value of Wimix was in the range of 2,300 to 2,400 won. Converting the value into Korean won, it is worth about 600 million won. This is twice as much as the total prize money of Hanwha Classic, which was the most ever KLPGA-record total prize money, which attracted attention from the golf industry. 온라인카지노

However, as the value of WeMix continued to rise, the prize money for the “WeMix Championship” also increased. As WeMix was incorporated into WeMade’s global blockchain game and re-listed on major domestic virtual asset exchanges this month, prices soared.

WeMix, which was re-listed on the Bithumb Exchange on the 12th following Corbit on the 7th, rose to the late 5,000 won level and is currently trading in the late 4,000 won level. WeMix succeeded in re-listing in all exchanges except Upbit, which ended trading support in November last year.

Even WeMade, the organizer of the “Wemix Championship,” could not easily imagine that the prize money would be this high. This is because the price of WeMix was only around 700 won in September this year. Rather, WeMade set the minimum prize money at 125 million won, considering that the price of WeMix could fall. On the contrary, the prize money has increased by more than 10 times.

The present value of Wimix is 2.16 times higher than when Lee received the prize money. If Lee retained the 250,000 Wimix she received as prize money, her valuation is estimated at 1.27 billion won (approx. Lee has earned more than 600 million won from sitting down in just a month. She has literally exploded a jackpot.

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