Continued stalking crime → Threatening child safety…”Worst Affair” Is No Problem. Shakira Seeks Help From Ex-Pique

“Shakira visited Herard Pique (37) to protect her children from stalkers,” Spain’s Sport said on Monday (Korea time). Pique is separated from world star Shakira, who has been in a common-law relationship for 12 years.

The background of the separation of the soccer star-celebrity couple, who represented Spain, was her husband Pique’s affair. Despite having two children and Shakira, Pique is known to have had several casual meetings.

Pique is known to be living in another place, away from her home where Shakira and her children are. In many ways, she had an uncomfortable relationship with her ex-wife.

Since then, the two have conducted several revelations, and the relationship between the two has reached its worst, with Shakira “shooting” Pique with the lyrics of the new song.

But in front of her children, she had no choice. Shakira asked Pique for help to protect her children from the stalker’s threat.

“After separating from Pique, Shakira moved to Miami in the U.S. with her children. However, the peace was not long. The reason was that stalkers appeared several times and bullied the children and Shakira,” Sport said.

“According to many North American media reports, Stalker’s name is Daniel John Baltier, a 56-year-old man from Texas. He started sending unpleasant photos on social media. Later, he sent wine bottles, chocolates, and boxes of children’s toys to Shakira’s house,” the media said, announcing Stalker’s whereabouts.

The media then explained, “Shakira decided to report him. The police succeeded in arresting him, but he was released on bail.”

Feeling the seriousness of the incident, Shakira informed Pique of the situation. The media said, “Shakira is under surveillance all day. In front of his house, a 24-hour patrol is on duty, which is a measure requested by Shakira herself.”

“Pique said he did not want the stalker’s harassment to continue and that he would do his best to help Shakira enhance home security,” Sport added. 토토사이트 추천

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