Coman’s multiple goals dampened Freiburg’s willingness to chase.

Munich, which did not allow a goal, then finished the game 3-0, continuing its unbeaten run after the opening of the season. Meanwhile, praise poured out to Kim Min-jae, who played the starting full-time on the day after the game. According to the soccer statistical media “FobMob,” Kim Min-jae played a perfect game in 90 minutes with a 92% pass success rate (157/171), one opportunity creation, three interceptions, 10 recoveries, and a 100% winning rate (8/8). He also scored 8.3 points, the second highest after Komang (9.2) and Sane (8.5), who scored.

In particular, Kim Min-jae even received a standing ovation from Munich’s home fans as he blocked Freiburg winger Maximilian Philippe’s breakthrough into the box with a strong physique in the third minute of the second half.

As a result, Kim Min-jae succeeded in solidifying his position as a key defender of Munich by once again performing well following the previous match against Copenhagen.

Kim Min-jae received harsh criticism in the match against RB Leipzig in the sixth round of the Bundesliga in the 2023/24 season at Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany, which ended in a 2-2 draw on the 1st. Munich, which was on the verge of defeat with two goals lost in the first half alone, avoided defeat in the second half as Kane and Sane scored a comeback goal and an equalizer, respectively.

Kim Min-jae was stable in passing with 106 successful passes and a 92% pass success rate, but he was often exposed to losing to opposing striker Royce Oppenda with a 25% success rate in competition for aerial balls. Oppenda showed confidence after several competitions, making Kim Min-jae difficult, and Munich allowed Oppenda one goal and one assist to give Leipzig the lead, overlapping Sven Ulreich’s mistake.

If Munich lost as it was, Kim Min-jae could not avoid the responsibility for the defeat, so Tuchel also expressed his criticism of Kim Min-jae for the first time. 안전놀이터

According to Germany’s largest soccer magazine “Kicker,” Tuchel pointed out about Kim Min-jae and Upamecano, “Kim Min-jae had no reason to go one-on-one, and Upamecano went out and allowed space, let alone protect Kim Min-jae.”

Not only coach Tuchel but also German and Munich legend Rotair Mateus pointed out Kim Min-jae. Legendary midfielder Matheus played for Munich from 1984 to 1988 and 1992 to 2000, and was a legend who won seven Bundesliga titles at the time.

In addition, he won the 1990 World Cup in Italy in the German national team, and played 150 matches in the national team alone, ranking first in the German national team in history. He was recognized as a central defender as well as a midfielder when he played Munich and played a great role as Libero.

According to a report by the German media Sky Sports Germany, Matheus criticized Kim Min-jae’s current skills, saying, “Kim Min-jae is not yet close to what we expected, and he is an unstable factor in Munich.”

“He has to get used to the Bundesliga. “I’m not against Kim Min-jae, but considering his achievements in Italy, I haven’t lived up to my expectations for him yet,” said Kim Min-jae, Italy’s best defender, without hiding his feeling of regret in Munich.

Matheus’ criticism is a change of stance compared to his fierce welcome to Kim Min-jae’s recruitment in June before he was confirmed.

Matheus expressed his opinion on the transfer of Kim Min-jae to Munich in a personal column at the time in June, saying, “Kim Min-jae will be a really good transfer,” adding, “Kim Min-jae is a really good transfer.” He had a fantastic season in Naples, and for that reason alone he would be very suitable for Munich,” he said, strongly welcoming Kim Min-jae, who will join Munich instead of Luca Hernandez.

Just three months later, as Matheus criticized Kim Min-jae, Kim Min-jae faced a crisis for the first time since joining Munich, but he immediately succeeded in quelling criticism and doubts with his skills.

Kim Min-jae, who led the team to victory by playing full-time as a starter against Copenhagen, not only led Munich’s unbeaten run but also gave home fans a standing ovation.

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