College Sports Association of America Ohio bans next steps to combat gambling damage

The move is the latest indicator of the NCAA’s increasing emphasis on providing greater protection to student-athletes as well as maintaining the integrity of the tournament.

The NCAA supports the new law and is creating a new model of legislative process that states recommend passing. Among other proposals, it proposes to include a state-mandated reporting hotline. This will allow gambling authorities to report bullying or coercive behavior to law enforcement.

The NCAA also wants regulations to identify banned bettors and prevent individuals under the age of 21 from betting on sports. In terms of betting ads, ads must contain information about hotlines, problem gambling and bans on bullying.

Furthermore, the NCAA wants to allocate a portion of its sports betting revenue to gambling damage education.

The NCAA also launched its first sports betting e-learning module in October, aiming to educate student athletes about gambling-related harms and their risks. 토토

The NCAA’s new call for action comes after a 2023 study found that one in four major U.S. college sports programs have been bullied by someone with gambling interests in the past 12 months.

According to the study, 27% of schools in the so-called Power Five conferences have dealt with sports betting issues among athletes or employees over the past year, compared with just 3% when asked the same question in 2019.

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