Choi Jun-seok opened a baseball YouTube channel

Former baseball player Choi Joon-seok will meet baseball fans again on his personal channel. On the morning of the 5th, his agency General Entertainment said, “Choi Joon-seok’s personal YouTube channel ‘Choi Joon-seok’s baseball video’ will be launched today. “We ask for your expectations as it contains a variety of charms, ranging from the special know-how taught by ‘professional baseball legend’ Choi Joon-seok to behind-the-scenes stories in the baseball world and brilliant chemistry with guests.”

“Choi Joon-seok’s Baseball Video” invites various female guests interested in baseball, receives coaching from Choi Joon-seok, and competes by ranking how fast each guest throws the ball based on the ball thrown. In addition, a unique product is hung in the special corner that examines the control, which stimulates the performers’ desire to win.

As the first guest, Ji-won, a member of the girl group Signature, who started as a professional baseball pitcher in April, will take Choi Joon-seok’s one-point lesson, and since then, he has announced various guest lineup, raising expectations from many fans. 먹튀검증

Choi Joon-seok’s special baseball coaching and exciting behind-the-scenes stories, which show his crazy presence everywhere, will give baseball fans a different pleasure, including the competitive restraint of guests and the “Oh Yes Bite Eating Show” video that made many baseball fans laugh.

Choi Jun-seok started his professional career with the Lotte Giants and later played for teams such as the Doosan Bears, Lotte Giants, and NC Dinos, and was called Korea’s leading professional baseball legend by winning first base in the KBO Golden Glove, hitting the most home runs in a single postseason, 200 home runs, and 1,200 hits. After retirement, he has appeared on various programs such as MBC Gyeongnam Baseball Commentator, “King of Mask Singer,” “The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears,” and “Pyeon Restaurant” to expand his scope of activities to broadcasters.

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