Cheerleader Lee Da-hye, 12 advertisements in Taiwan are impossible

Lee Da-hye, the first Korean cheerleader to go overseas, has been active in advertisements and broadcasting as she ranked No. 1 as a YouTube creator in nine months. “The most interesting thing was that I shot an advertisement. In Korea, it is not common for cheerleaders to be active in advertisements,” Lee said.

Lee Da-hye shot a total of 12 commercials in Taiwan, including home appliances, ice cream, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. This is more than double the number of commercials she shot in Korea.

Lee Da-hye was ranked as the fifth most popular celebrity in Taiwan. The second place is Black Pink. Lee replied, “It was amazing. It could never happen in Korea. I wondered why my name is here.”

He also met Yoo Jae-suk, one of the most popular Taiwanese entertainers. “I am not the only one who does commercials and broadcast activities, but I also have many Taiwanese cheerleaders. I have friends who are active as MCs. I feel like I am growing up as an entertainer, not just as a cheerleaver.

It’s all happened in nine months. When asked what his favorite title is, he answered, “Taiwan is the No. 1 YouTube creator,” and said, “It was something I never imagined, so it touched me more.” 토토사이트 순위

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hye debuted as a cheerleader of the “KIA Tigers” in 2019 and established herself as a popular cheerleader. Since then, she has become the first Korean cheerleader to enter Taiwan and join the “Rakuten Monkeys” cheerleader, and is still active.

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