Canada wins sixth PokerStars Caribbean adventure

The 22-year-old biochemistry graduate invested just $700 to travel to the Caribbean and earn a spot in the PCA ‘Poker Festival’ main event, earning PokerStars a spot in the $33 Triple Turbo Repurchase Tournament. He was one of 1,347 contestants who broke all records for poker tournaments outside of the United States and generated more than $12.5 million in total prize money.

Puria, who graduated last month, admitted he was devastated by the win, one of the biggest sports awards in the world. He said, “It was from today that I started thinking about winning. At one point yesterday I couldn’t really do anything, but I got off to a good start today and at that point I thought I might have a chance.” Puria, who has never been to Europe, also won a spot in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo.

This year, the PCA’s record field included 1,059 PokerStars players, of whom 746 won online with Puriya. PokerStars Professional Alexandre Gomes made it to the finals but was eliminated in fourth place, earning $750,000. Among the tournament’s stars were German tennis legend and PokerStars ambassador Boris Becker and 26 pokerStars Pro. 카지노사이트 순위

The top players’ roll calls include Bertrand “Elkie” Grospelier, last year’s PCA champion, former world champion Joe Hachem, Greg Reamer, Chris Moneymaker, multi-bracelet winner Daniel Negriano, and sponsored poker stars player Peter Eastgate, who won $9 million in November to become WSOP world champion. Other stars who participated include Phil Ivy, Gus Hansen, Chris Ferguson, Antonio Espandiari, and Eli Ellesra.

PokerStars professionals Vicky Koren, Barry Greenstein, Marquin Horrekki and Tom McEvoy also paid cash at the main event, along with sponsors Cathy River ($120,000) and PokerStars Six players Elon Schwartz and Eastgate. Fokestars Six players Ivan Demidov, Darus Suharto and Dennis Phillips, as well as Norwegian star Johnny Roden, American baseball legend Orell Hershiser and Brazilian indie stock car racer Gualter Salez.

The PokerStars professional team had a great week with last year’s PCA champion Grospeller, taking $433,000 from Hibed Khan’s $200,000 win in the $25,000 PCA High Roller during the PCA Fiesta, and $433,000 from a $2,000 side event. Eastgate caught up with his cash by winning the $343,000 and $5,000 event in the main event. Other events held this week included the Battlehip tournament, won by Bahbak “bigredAK” Oboodif with $44,800 in prize money, and the Focker World Cup final, won by Germany.

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