Can WBA bets come back in Ontario?

Betting interruptions could be temporary. AGCO says betting could restart if operators can prove the WBA oversees events effectively. Such measures will ensure that WBA events are compliant with Ontario’s Registrar’s standards.

“Ontario residents looking to bet on sporting events need to be confident that those events are being run fairly and that clear integrity protection measures are being implemented by effective sports governing bodies,” said Karin Schnarr, CEO and registrar of AGCO.

As we know the popularity of boxing in Ontario, we look forward to resuming betting on WBA stocks once the possibility of match-fixing and appropriate safeguards for insider betting are identified

Ontario takes similar action on UFC betting
This is not the first time the AGCO has ordered a halt on certain bets. In December 2022, Ontario regulators called on operators to stop betting on the UFC over similar insider betting concerns.

The UFC had revised its rules and regulations since a few weeks ago to ban its athletes from betting on UFC fights. But AGCO said other insiders, such as coaches, managers, handlers, athletic trainers and medics, could still bet as well.

However, the ban lasted only a few weeks, and UFC betting was allowed again in Ontario the following month. This came after the UFC revised its policy and implemented various new protocols.

Among the new measures were to prevent coaches, managers, handlers, athletic trainers and athletes or other individuals related to the UFC from betting on UFC fights anymore. The UFC said violations could result in disciplinary action against related contractors.

Gambling ads are on the chopping block in Ontario 메이저 토토사이트

The ban also comes after a new study showed widespread opposition to gambling advertising in Ontario. A Maru poll published this month found that 59% were in favor of a total ban on betting advertising. Most also believe businesses do not act responsibly and that there should be more government regulations.

The poll was conducted weeks before the introduction of the Ontario Provincial Alcohol and Gaming Commission’s latest advertising regulation. The regulation prohibits sportsbooks from using celebrities for promotional activities. It also prohibits sportsbook advertising near schools or in other places where teens or vulnerable populations gather.

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