Caesars Palace Casino is in operation for Times Square

SL Green Realty Corp. and Caesars Entertainment announced a partnership to redevelop 1515 Broadway into the first entertainment and gaming site in the heart of Times Square, one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Caesars Palace Times Square will not only provide billions of tax revenue for New York City and the state, but will also accelerate New York’s economic recovery through strategic partnerships with local businesses that utilize Caesars Rewards, an industry-leading loyalty program with more than 65 million members. Caesars Rewards members can use credits at Broadway shows, local hotels, restaurants, retail stores, comedy clubs, entertainment venues, and more, driving more tourists to local businesses and creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs in and around Times Square.

As well as major economic benefits for all stakeholders in Times Square, SL Green and Caesars are proposing significant security and traffic improvements as part of their proposal, which will boost efforts by Mayor Adams and the NYPD in Times Square. These efforts will help visitors feel safer, improve public transportation, encourage pedestrian travel, and ease vehicle congestion in the area under the proposed traffic plan that will be included as part of the project.

Caesars Palace Times Square will be designed to include a Broadway theater for the Lion King. The development will also bring Caesars Entertainment’s more than 50 years of world-recognized excellence in entertainment, food, and beverage and gaming to New York, providing an informed and complementary best-in-class experience for the Times Square Entertainment District.

“We believe Times Square provides an optimal location for new resort casinos that can attract tourists and benefit local businesses. We are excited to work with Caesars and many of our local partners to promote this license. Our approach will ensure that underscored communities benefit from the employment and investment opportunities.” Marc Holiday, CEO of SL Green, said, “The casino in Times Square aligns with the existing use of the area. Times Square is the center of the entertainment universe. We propose renovations, so once the license is issued, we can open faster than other facilities that require completely new construction, change laws, and disrupt the community.”

“Cesers is excited to partner with SL Green on a five-star project that will meet and exceed New Yorkers’ expectations for world-class entertainment, which will instantly strengthen New York City’s tourism engine and take this unique global destination to new heights,” said Tom League, CEO of Caesars.

Actors’ Equity said, “The developer’s proposal for a Times Square casino will be a game changer that improves security and safety in the Times Square neighborhood with increased security staff, more sanitation equipment, and new cameras. We applaud the developer’s commitment to making the neighborhood safer for both art workers and audiences.”

“Carmin has been in business in Times Square for more than 30 years, and public-private investments made in the late 90s and early 2000s literally transformed Midtown,” said Jeffrey Bank, president and CEO of the Alicart Restaurant Group, which runs the BBQ of Carmin and Virgil. “It’s time for us to invest again. Times Square is the heart of New York, but everyone in Times Square is still suffering from the pandemic. Caesars Palace’s proposal is the key to making Times Square safer by reviving tourists, and is exactly the economic driving force behind not only recovering, but also continuing to grow and create more jobs.”

“A successful bid will provide theaters, hotels, restaurants, and businesses with much-needed power and promises to fund extensive community planning and improvements to make Times Square the safest, cleanest, and most pedestrian-friendly entertainment area in the world,” said Michael Projaska, business manager for Worker Area 79. “This will mean bringing thousands of good union jobs to Midtown and enable innovative new training and apprenticeships that plan to provide a pathway to sustainable employment for underprivileged community members.”

Jeff Balotti, president and CEO of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, which franchises 38 hotels in Manhattan and the Great State of New York, said, “The trip to New York won’t be complete without visiting Times Square. It’s an intersection of the world.” “A project of this size and scope will help bring more tourists to Times Square, fill hotel rooms not only here, but also across the city, and create great jobs at the same time.”

“We know how to lower crime rates in Times Square. This is because with better security infrastructure and 24/7 monitoring, crime can be predicted and prevented. It just takes financial and political will to do so,” said William Bratton, the former New York City Police Commissioner. “The Times Square proposal from SL Green and Caesars would go beyond routine self-security and invest millions in new public-private safety initiatives. This investment will ensure Times Square is safe for years to come.”

Caesars is the largest North American gaming operator with more than 50 casino assets across 27 regions of portfolio, retail and/or mobile sports betting, and 5 regions of iGaming. Caesars Palace Times Square will be 100% privately funded. Caesars will license its brand and manage its operations under a long-term care agreement. 파워볼게임

In addition to his extensive experience in operations and development, Caesars is proud of its 30-year legacy in responsible gaming. Since creating the industry’s first responsible gaming program in 1989, Caesars has dedicated millions of dollars to organizations working to fight problem games. Caesars’ pioneering responsible gaming training program reaches all of its team members through Operation Bet Smart, an enterprise-wide must-have dedicated to problem gaming awareness training, and Project 21, a must-have course focused on anti-gambling for underage children. In addition, the company has more than 1,600 responsible gaming chairmen and ambassadors specifically trained to help guests who may show signs of potential gaming problems.

Recently, the Caesars People Planet Play framework was named one of Caesars 50 Most Community-Minding Companies’ top 50 community-minded companies, ensuring that team members, communities, and the environment are acted upon with integrity and care, along with stated goals for environmental impact, diversity, equity and inclusion, and community support. These goals include a commitment to increase the representation of women and people of color in leadership roles to achieve full gender and race equality by 2025, a commitment to reduce water consumption by 20% per square foot by 2035, and a commitment to convert 65% of all waste generated from our properties from landfills by 2030.

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