Busan had a critical chance at the 22nd minute of the second half.

He timed his shooting in the box but unfortunately failed to shake the net. However, Busan finally scored and roared. One minute after creating a critical opportunity, Pesin smoothly received a penetration pass and finished the game accurately.

The situation that Busan desperately wanted was finally created. Fans gathered at the Busan home stadium with loud cheers over the possibility of direct promotion. Veteran midfielder Park Jong-woo, who was nervously watching the ground in the stands, also pumped his fists and gave strength to his teammates on the pitch.

If the team continues its lead at this rate, it will win the K-League 2. Busan targeted Cheongju in North Chungcheong Province with effective attacks after the first goal. Song Ho-young was deployed at 36 minutes in the second half to bring change to the frontier. Park Jin-seop’s intention was to add more strength to the offense and score additional goals to complete the game.

Busan tried hard to keep its one-goal lead to the end. As the team would win if it kept this, it focused on defense and prevented attacks in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province. After the regular time, the allocated extra time was six minutes. Perhaps it was a really long last extra time for Busan.

Three minutes after the additional time, Chungcheongbuk-do Cheongju pulled the reins of the attack. Chungcheongbuk-do Cheongju created a threatening scene with a side attack after a last-minute corner kick. Busan, which played a dense defense in the box, failed to block Jorge at the moment. Jorge overcame the Busan defense check and shook the Busan net with a sensational bicycle kick.

It was a frustrating moment for Busan. All it had to do was hold out for three more minutes, but the team allowed an equalizer and lost a point. On the other side, Gimcheon Sangmu was watching the game with a 1-0 win over Seoul E-Land at home. As the game ended with Busan’s 1-1 draw, the trophy owner changed to Gimcheon Sangmu.

The team realized its lack of scoring ability, which had been a chronic problem since last season. Manager Park Jin-seop said after the game, “I lacked scoring ability.” However, he said, “I couldn’t just defend to reduce the number of runs. You can’t just attack to score. Your scoring ability has improved compared to last year, but you will have to reorganize it well for the rest of the year. It will be an important variable in the playoff. We have to find a way through training,” he said, trying to console the team and himself.

Since Busan was likely to be promoted directly, all figures, including Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, came to Asiad Main Stadium to watch the game. Chairman Chung Mong-gyu said with a calm look, “Let’s prepare well for the promotion playoff.”

Busan will play against the 11th-ranked team in the K-League on June 6. Although Busan finished second in the league, the 11th-ranked team in the K-League could be better off in terms of flow. Currently, the bottom ranks of the K-League 1 are fiercely competing with each other, losing only one point.

The key is to quickly recover the mood of the team. “Players will be most disappointed and disappointed. I feel like the sky is not on my side,” manager Park Jin-seop said. “We need to change the mood quickly. We need to watch the last game of the K-League 1 and analyze it.” 카지노사이트 순위

Busan is more desperate for promotion than anyone else. Since it fell to the second division, there have been many hardships in the promotion and promotion playoffs. However, if you hold in your heart the painful memories of the past and prepare for the two games of fate, you may write a new story. The team, which dropped its head after failing to win the championship, should get up quickly and maintain maximum concentration.

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