British Casino Expecting Government Support

UK casinos expect COVID-19 support packages to continue to work under pandemic restrictions, while local casino news outlets note the importance of land casinos. Betting and Gaming Board Chief Executive Michael Dugger shared his thoughts on possible pandemic restrictions. Will the government support UK casinos?

Michael Dugger compares casinos to hospitality sectors such as bars and restaurants. He also expects Westminster to provide support packages for casinos if restrictions begin. However, the government has not announced the same lockdown measures as it did in the early days of the global pandemic. And all expectations and requirements for ministers are based on fears of possible containment measures.

The health government department reminded people to keep their distance and avoid unnecessary contact before Christmas. Such an announcement prompted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to convene again to come up with economic measures.

A Guide to the Field of British Land Casinos
The total number of casinos in Korea is 120, with 11600 employees. Their financial contribution is over £1.2 billion to the economy, thanks to the payment of £600 million in taxes.

Michael Dugger notes the role of an irreplaceable offline casino in the nationwide budget. He also notes that casinos have been trying to recover from government anti-epidemic restrictions and bans in recent years. And the dynamics are just beginning to be positive. But when the new rules begin, the recovery process will probably stop again. 슬롯머신

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