Both land and online gambling are illegal in Thailand.

According to media reports, Thai authorities blocked 6,024 illegal website URLs in 2022, most of which were accused of encouraging anti-royal sentiment or hosting illegal online gambling websites. A total of 1,830 illegal gambling sites were reportedly blocked last year. 경마사이트

Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Social Affairs, citing local media Bangkok Post, said Thai authorities arrested a total of 461 people in 2022 for their involvement in illegal online gambling sites.

Thailand is stepping up efforts to crack down on illegal online gambling in its country. Several high-profile operations have been carried out in recent months. In November, Thailand and China agreed to strengthen cooperation in efforts to combat transnational crime, especially online gambling.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Thailand’s parliament was expected to begin discussing a report in Thailand proposing liberalization of its land casino and online gambling business.

Legalizing gambling has become a subject of controversy in the Buddhist kingdom in recent years. Thailand and several neighboring Southeast Asian countries, namely Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, have legal gambling venues.

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