Betting Manipulation Conference Aims To Safe Betting

Because betting manipulation poses a high risk, as does illegal gambling, there was a conference in late April involving major companies and organizations from 49 countries, whose purpose was to make betting safer in the future. 슬롯머신

109 experts participated in the conference in The Hague. All of these experts have only one goal: to make bets safer and to prevent bet manipulation if possible. Numerous solutions have been developed during the conference to achieve this goal. But who actually participated in this kind of first conference? UEFA, Sportradar, Europol, etc. These companies and organizations are already dealing with betting manipulation and have long worked to prevent the negative consequences of manipulation. Members of various football associations and judiciary were also present.

Betting manipulation leads to unfair games. For example, manipulation determines the outcome of a game. This involves not only criminals, but also the players themselves. If you change the results of the game according to the operator’s specifications, you will be offered more money. This means that it is no longer a game where professional players show off their skills. Not only do these games cause complaints from fans, but fans who place certain bets based on their favorite team’s ability suffer the most.

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