Australian Commission clamps down on club sponsorship practices

The Victoria State Gambling and Casino Control Board (VGCCC) recognizes that some online betting providers are signing sponsorship deals with sports clubs to induce members to create accounts with each member of the club they join by offering financial incentives. Clubs sometimes receive additional incentives based on their members’ spending.

Not only does VGCCC fail to comply with social credentials to minimize risk, but it also requires betting service providers to stop promoting products in this way.

According to section 4.7.10 of the Gambling Control Act 2003, providers are prohibited from offering credit, vouchers, compensation or other benefits as incentives to open an account or to ask someone else to open an account. 경마사이트

The VGCCC requires not only minimum letters of the law from gambling providers, but also social certificates.

Sports clubs need to keep in mind the community’s expectations of enticing members and potentially junior members to gamble. We encourage sports clubs to refrain from entering into such sponsorship agreements, which may harm members or constitute illegal behavior by betting providers.

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