At Euro 2020, he scored five goals to become the top scorer in the tournament, but ended the tournament early after losing 0-1 to Belgium in the round of 16

The tournament was expected to be Ronaldo’s last euro, but Ronaldo succeeded in maintaining his performance and aimed to participate in the Euro tournament at the age of 40.

Some argued that Ronaldo is even aiming to participate in the 2026 FIFA North and Central American World Cup. Britain’s Mirror said on the 9th, “Ronaldo is hoping to stop his retirement plan and extend his career to play in the next World Cup,” adding, “He wants to continue playing until his 40s and hopes to play in the next World Cup, the 2026 North and Central American World Cup, for the Portuguese national soccer team.”

The 2026 World Cup is called the North and Central America World Cup, jointly hosted by three countries, the United States, Mexico and Canada. Ronaldo, who has participated in the World Cup alone five times, including the 2022 Qatar World Cup, challenged his unprecedented six appearances.

As it is held once every four years, no player has participated in the World Cup six times so far. A total of eight players, including Ronaldo and Messi, Antonio Carvajal, Rotair Mateus, Gianluigi Buffon, Rafael Marquez, Andrés Guardado and Guillermo Ochoa, were listed as the most participants in the tournament with five World Cup participations. 파친코

If Ronaldo makes the final roster for the 2026 North and Central American World Cup, he can write a new record in the history of the World Cup and soccer. If they succeed in scoring, they can even set a new record of scoring six consecutive World Cup goals. Ronaldo has already scored five consecutive World Cup finals goals for the first time as he scored with a penalty kick against Ghana in the first group match of the World Cup in Qatar.

However, Ronaldo will be 41 years old when the North and Central American World Cup is held. Attention is focusing on whether Ronaldo, dubbed the “record maker” by engraving his name countless times in the history of soccer, will succeed in maintaining his skills even after the age of 40.

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