All 11 starting members have full time…In the match against Copenhagen, will Kim Minjae finally rest

The characteristic of Munich on this day is that Tuchel did not replace a single player. Although there were many twists and turns with rain pouring on the ground and Kim Min-jae falling, Tuchel did not budge and pushed 11 starting players until the end whistle sounded.

This is likely to signal that a large number of backup players will eventually enter the match against Copenhagen in the Champions League during the week. Since Munich has already confirmed the round of 16 in the Champions League, there is no reason to put key players in the remaining two group games. As the lead competition with Leverkusen is fierce, it is expected to put weight on the three Bundesliga games before the end of the first half of the year, including Union Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

Kim Min-jae, who silently performed his responsibilities despite a serious injury on the day, received a 7.5 rating on the soccer statistics media “Footmob.” In Munich, Coman, who played hard ground, received the highest rating with 8.3 points. Kim Min-jae’s center back partner Upamecano followed, with Kane scoring 8.0 points and Goretzga, who dominated the midfield, scoring 7.9 points.

In the case of Kim Min-jae, although he is not at the top of the ratings, Kim Min-jae’s rating is not too bad because Munich players overall received ratings in the 7-point range.

Kim Min-jae scored 7.3 points in “Huscoord Dotcom.” Perhaps because of Munich’s poor performance, Coman also received the highest rating with 7.9 points, with no players receiving a high overall score. Upamecano and Sane scored 7.7 points and Kane scored 7.5. 안전놀이터

The future interest is whether Tuchel will give Kim Min-jae a break in the match against Copenhagen on the 30th. From Munich’s point of view, if you get injured after putting in key players, it will be a big problem, so there is a good chance that Kim Min-jae will rest by putting in a large number of candidate players or young players.

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