Afghan coach condemns fans’ actions and says sports should be treated as sports

In the final thriller, coach Raeus Ahmadzai expressed disappointment over the actions of his players and fans after the defeat against Pakistan. Afghanistan’s chief coach blamed the clash between Afghanistan and Pakistan fans after the team’s defeat on Wednesday. In the final thriller, coach Raeus Ahmadzai expressed disappointment over the actions of his players and fans after the defeat against Pakistan. Talking to reporters, the coach also explained the team’s learning in the tournament. He thanked them for their performance in the Asian Cup and mentioned that they would apply the learning in the next game.

The assistant coach said, “I think we did very well, especially the young boys. They were first selected for the national team and they did well. Especially in the first two wins, it was unlucky for us to take on Park. And if they play against players like Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, they will also be able to see and learn good players from Pakistani players.”

Talking about the match against India, he saw a series of matches making it difficult for the players.

” To be honest, everyone was still panicking from the last game. We played a series of games that were not easy. We did our best. When we look at the stadium, we thought of limiting the Indian team to 170-180 but it can happen sometimes. If you drop the catch of a good player like Virat Kohli, I’m sure he won’t give you any chance,” Ahmadzai added. 바카라사이트

The Afghan coach was also delighted to see Virat Kohli finally break the jinx and score for the first time in 100 years after spending more than 1,000 days in international cricket.

Appreciating Virat’s knock, he said, “At first, I’m very happy to see him score 100 points in such a long time. The way he played was a completely different Virat Kohli. It’s nice to see him make such a shot that was famous in the past. He played good innings. He knows our bowling attack is not easy, but his way of playing was great.”

Raees was very vocal about the reaction of crowds making rounds on the Internet and criticized such behavior.

“Players are well aware of the rules and regulations of the game, but sometimes they are out of control. Spectators should understand that this is just a game and sports should not be critical or involved in anything. But if you say something, it’s different to ride a sled or talk with other athletes, but our rules and regulations will not restrict athletes from engaging in other physical violence,” he added.

Ahmadzai also admitted that the more cricket a team plays against the best teams in the world, the better they will learn to contain their emotions in such situations of tension and pressure.

Praising the new coach Jonathan Trott, he said: “He joined us during the Irish series and has done very well for us, talking to the players and understanding what they need. He’s done a good job for us.”

India defeated Afghanistan vigorously on Thursday as Virat Kohli finally came to the forefront and scored his 71st international century.

Riding on Virat’s charismatic century and KL Rahul’s half century, India recorded a total of 212 mammoths for losing two wickets.

Afghanistan haven’t really moved on and were shocked by Pacer Bhubneshwar Kumar’s great bowling in power play. The bowler finished with five wickets to become the leading wicket-taker in the T20Is. He overtook record holder Yuzvendra Chahal.

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