A sagging atmosphere, the key is the ‘first goal’…Coach Lee Ki-hyung, “The first goal is important.”

Seongnam FC will face Bucheon FC in the 27th round of the “Hana One Q K League 2 2023” at Tancheon Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 21st. Currently, Seongnam is ranked 10th in the league with 29 points, and Bucheon is ranked 6th in the league with 38 points. Seongnam is currently ranked 10th, far from qualifying for the playoffs. The failure to win six games from the match against FC Anyang in the 15th round to the match against Gimpo FC in the 20th round had a significant impact on the performance. He seemed to succeed in rebounding by winning the Busan I-Park expedition, but failed to raise the atmosphere with one draw and one loss in the ensuing showdown between Gyeongnam FC and Cheonan City. In particular, the defeat to Cheonan, the lowest, felt even more bitter.

Fortunately, he won the home game against the Jeonnam Dragons and broke the long-running home winless game. Seongnam suffered a crushing defeat in the previous game against Gimcheon Sangmu, but is trying to rebound again after taking a break. Coach Lee Ki-hyung, who met with reporters ahead of the game, said, “We are in a very difficult situation right now. During the break, the players had a meeting on the mental part. We talked a lot about not doing that because we tend to blame each other a lot if our performance is not good, and we talked about showing our best and being really active regardless of the outcome of the game. The players also sympathized with this a lot, and the training atmosphere changed. “I’m expecting these parts to come out of the stadium today,” he said, expressing expectations for the game.

There is a big change in two positions on Seongnam’s starting list today. First of all, veteran goalkeeper Kim Young-kwang wore goalkeeper gloves on behalf of Choi Pil-soo at the end, and Lee Jong-ho returned to the starting lineup after a long time. In response, head coach Lee said, “First of all, the loss in the match against Gimcheon was also affected, and since the team is in a difficult situation, I thought that senior players should play and empower the team.” So I put in Kim Young-kwang. He explained the reason for Kim Young-kwang’s selection, saying, “My condition and training attitude are good, and I think my body is okay.” As for Lee Jong-ho, “(Lee) Jong-ho has the energy to influence the team in addition to his performance. He said, “I sent him out because he is a player who fulfills the tactical parts we are trying to do from the winter training.” 스포츠토토킹

Seongnam will try to win its first victory of the season against Bucheon. Seongnam was defeated in both of the previous two confrontations. Coach Lee said, “In the last game, we failed to score even though we made a lot of chances, but we lost because we allowed a point.” I supplemented those parts. I think we can score if we play aggressively and calmly in the opponent’s box. Since the players are anxious and struggling, I think they will gain confidence if they score the first goal. “I think the first goal is important,” he said, stressing the importance of the first goal.

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