A man’s voice was heard widely at a soccer field in the Son Heung-min Sports Park in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

The familiar face and voice is Son Heung-min’s father Son Woong-jung, 61, the CEO and manager of the Son Football Academy. He was teaching young players aged around 14 learning soccer there. He said, “Are you going to do that? Don’t you want to do it straight?” and “OO! Good! That’s how you do it!” Tension lingered on the soccer field when he poured out sticks and carrots. More than 20 children seriously played the game, feeling Son’s keen eyes. The laughter disappeared on the children’s faces for a long time.

Son did not even blink as he watched the boys. He was busy following the boys’ every move, frowning profusely between his eyebrows. He was conducting tests to prepare for next year’s event. However, he seemed to have already made up his mind before the game started. He didn’t have to look at their talents.

Son waited for the children from early morning. Standing on a soccer field on a hill overlooking a large parking lot, he watched the children arrive with their parents. “I can tell their personal preferences just by looking at them getting out of their cars, just by looking at them walking.” Son is said to be closely monitoring the children and their parents as they get out of their cars and come up to the soccer field. “The thing I hate the most is overprotective children. No matter how talented and brilliant they are, they are not picked if they show the wrong tendencies of their parents and children. Just by looking at them coming up to the field from the parking lot, I already make up 70 to 80 percent of my decision,” he explained.

Personality is the most important thing. “If you don’t have strong personality and morality, you can become a good player but not a good one,” Son said. “When beams are bent, your parents’ tendencies will also be important, as their pillars bend.” In other words, you can only become a big player when you have sincerity and humility to support your attitude, attitude and talent in soccer.

In 2019, Son completed the construction of Son Heung-min Sports Park on 71,000 square meters of land. Three football fields, both big and small, and one indoor stadium are constructed. Son selects and teaches the basics of children aged 9 to 10. He invests a lot of time in passing, dribbling, kicking, and shooting so that he can become close with the ball. The reason is that the ball and body need to become one to grasp the basics of soccer. However, some parents who visit this place tilt their head to make the “second Son Heung-min.” They are trying to pick flowers and fruits for children who need to lay the groundwork. He made remarks to such parents. “The 鍥而 should not stop engraving ‘Gyei-I-Bul-Sa-Geum-seok-Gwa’ (舍 of 可鏤)’ so that iron and stone can be penetrated. There is no teacher who has repeatedly done so. “(Son) has spent 13 years developing such basic skills.” 파워볼게임

Since his second year of elementary school, he trained with his father for as long as 13 years. There is a famous anecdote that Son endured all hellish training with his father. Having endured such hardships, he has risen to the rank of world class in the English Premier League and is loved by soccer fans all over the world.

That’s why I want to focus on the life of Son Woong-jung, a human being, instead of Son Heung-min’s father. I enjoy my life as a writer, which I found belatedly. Next year, a new book will be released based on my own reading notes. Coach Sohn, who said that the time to nag Son as a child in his arms has passed, plans to celebrate the end of this year and the New Year in Korea, not in the U.K.

In his essay (2021), he wrote, “The destiny is not to be able to comfortably watch the game of your favorite player in the world.” When Son Heung-min had a match, he often skipped meals because he had indigestion. Tottenham, which remained unbeaten until early this month (8 wins and 2 draws), fell to fifth place in a row recently. How does Son feel? “It could be a famine or a good harvest. You don’t have to be depressed just because you heard a bad harvest, but you don’t have to be arrogant because you heard a good harvest. I heard that boom is good and recession is even better. That’s life.”

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