7 uncontracted FA, will other teams be transferred…The market is too crowded

A large contract was also made. More than 50 billion won has already been exchanged. Since then, the contract has remained silent. It seems to be blocked. This is a story of the 2024 Free Agent (FA) market.

On Nov. 18 last year, the 2024 FA market was officially held. Nineteen players exercised their qualifications. So far, 12 have completed their contracts. The total contract amount is 52.2 billion won.

There are no special resources available. Even a contractor worth 10 billion won (about 9.8 million U.S. dollars) has not been announced yet. It is not as cold as expected before the opening of the market. The average contract amount for the 12 players is 4.7 billion won (about 9.8 million dollars).

The situation has changed. There are seven uncontracted players. They are pitchers Sovereign, Hong Kun-hee and Oh Seung-hwan, infielder Kim Min-sung, Kang Han-wool, catcher Kim Min-sik and Lee Ji-young. Some players started negotiations late, while others couldn’t reach an agreement while talking to each other. Neither the players nor the club has a wide range of movements.

“Of course, I want to sign a contract on good terms. I can’t do it alone. There should be a club that wants to reach out. If multiple clubs come out, that’s a good thing for players. That’s not the case right now.

In the early days of the season’s opening, some players were competing. Rumors spread that “Which team wants whom?” As competition intensifies, prices are going up. Contracts were concluded quickly, too. These were Yang Seok-hwan (Doosan, Doosan; 7.8 billion won for 4+2 years), An Chi-hong (Hanwha, 7.2 billion won for 4+2 years), and Jeon Joon-woo (Lotte, 4.7 billion won for 4 years).

Not now. It’s almost like a single bid by an original team. If it’s against a player, it’s disadvantageous. Only time can pass. All that’s left is “white flag surrender.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Some players in the Major League Baseball choose to repeat the practice of FA. KBO League is structurally difficult. You have to play four more years in full time to be eligible for re-qualification. He declared himself as a FA, but the reality is cold.

Clubs feel burdened by the situation. This is because it could end up only scratching a player’s pride for no reason. It is even more embarrassing if there is criticism from fans who say, “Do it in moderation.”

Even so, it is not easy to be treated like a generous treat. This is especially true this time. It is because of the salary cap. I don’t want to cross the baseline. It is already operated with support from the parent company. Additional costs cannot be welcome.

After all, the club does not have a wide range of movements. There is nothing more to do but shout “reasonable contract based on internal evaluation.” Some commentators say, “I think it will go well.” “It’s going well” is not often said.

You must sign a contract at the level that the player wants without exceeding the salary cap. You have to do two things at once, which are difficult to be compatible with.

He might feel comfortable transferring to another team. There is an FA that can play a key role in any team. The possibility is not zero. The problem is that it is remarkably low.

I have to untangle the knot, but I can’t see the starting point. January has already passed ⅓. Preparations for spring camps are in full swing for each club. It needs to be decided quickly. It takes small tasks such as ticket reservation for each player and accommodation reservation.

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