26-year-old Mitoma and 31-year-old Son Heung-min tied for “71 billion” in ransom…”KIM MINJAE, who is number one in the, closely follows him.”

Soccer statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ updated the ransom of players playing in the Premier League (PL) on the 10th (Korea Standard Time). The media evaluates the value of a player by considering various factors such as current performance, age, and contract period. Amid mixed emotions, 31-year-old Son Heung-min, born in 1992, maintained his €50 million (about W71.2 billion). Son Heung-min, who led Tottenham Hotspur’s rise and scored six goals to tie for second in PL scoring, was the same as before.

Mitoma has reached 50 million euros. Previously, the value of Mitoma was 32 million euros (about 45.5 billion won), but it rose 18 million euros (about 25.6 billion won), tying Son Heung-min. Mitoma is Brighton’s ace and star in name and reality. Last summer, Mitoma was selected by Graham Potter and became a first-team resource after returning from a loan spell at Royal Winion. The beginning was the Joker. When the opponent lost his strength, he was put in as a substitute and shook the side, drawing attention.

He showed off his incredible speed and dribbling skills to feed the opponent’s defense. As the influence grew day by day, it became a starting resource. Coach Porter went to Chelsea and Roberto De Zerbi came, drawing keen attention to Mitoma’s position. On the contrary, the position has become more solid. De Zerbi left Mitoma with the side attack. Mitoma, who has shown that he can also exert influence as a starter, not as a joker, has emerged as the best crack in the PL. 온라인카지노

It was at the center of Brighton’s success last season. With Mitoma at the forefront, Brighton ranked sixth in the PL and advanced to the UEFA Europa League (UEL) for the first time since its foundation. I’ve been connected to a number of big clubs, but I stayed in Brighton. The performance this season has been very good as well. Mitoma was indispensable in the offensive football pursued by coach De Zervi. Mitoma helped from Luton Town, the opening game, and in the game against Wolverhampton, he scored one goal and one assist, leading to a 4-1 victory. He was silent against West Ham United, but he helped again against Newcastle United, contributing to the 3-1 victory.

Despite the ups and downs caused by continuous participation and checks, he remains the most important player in Brighton and a top PL winger. The increase in the ransom of Mitoma, who has good performance and entered his prime age and also has star quality, was a natural step. Mitoma, who is seeking to renew his contract, will closely pursue Asia’s No. 1 Kim Min-jae (60 million euros) as his ransom has risen.

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