14.2 billion won in annual salary 2.8 million won in monthly salary…Juventus cuts Pogba wages positive for doping

British media ‘Gol Dotcom’ reported on the 9th (Korea Standard Time) that ‘Paul Pogba received a definite answer from Juventus that he would cut his salary to 2,000 euros (about 2.8 million won) due to a failed drug test.’

Juventus officially announced on the club’s website on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), “Juventus Football Club received a temporary suspension order from the National Anti-Doping Court today following the unfavorable results of the analysis conducted on August 20, 2023.

Paul Pogba reportedly tested positive for testosterone after Juventus vs Udinese match. Italian media said Pogba was given three days to analyze the response to the results.

In a statement to Sky Sports News, Pogba’s chief executive, Rafaela Pimenta, said: “We are awaiting a counter-analysis and until then nothing can be said. What is certain is that Paul Pogba never wanted to break the rules,” he said, complaining of injustice.

Now Pogba cannot run away. According to FIFA, players found to have violated anti-doping rules can be banned for two or four years after appeal, reduction or suspension depending on whether they are intentional. 슬롯머신

After Pogba’s temporary suspension, his ‘B sample’ was sent for further examination at the Aqua Acetosa Clinic in Rome. Now that the sample has been confirmed positive, Pogba will now be questioned by anti-doping prosecutors.

Pogba must file an affidavit for his defense with the anti-doping tribunal’s prosecutor, Pierre-Philippo Laviani, within a week. Or you can answer the questioning.

In the best-case scenario, Pogba can respond to a sentence negotiation and in return, reduce the expected sentence to less than 50%. If this happens, the ban period will be halved, which could be reduced to one year if suspended for two years.

Once the investigation is complete, the anti-doping prosecution can dismiss the case or refer Pogba to the National Anti-doping Tribunal of the Italian Olympic Committee for trial, which can determine the level of punishment for Pogba.

Juventus said after NADO’s announcement last month that it “reserves the right to consider the next procedural step.”

Pogba faces long-term suspension and threat of contract termination if convicted of doping violations in a sports trial. Juventus have not yet taken such drastic action but have written to Pogba informing him of the pay cut.

Under the rules on suspended players, Juventus only has to pay Pogba the minimum wage set out in a collective agreement with the Italian Footballers Association. In other words, Pogba receives an amount equivalent to about 2,000 euros (about 2.8 million won) per month.

Pogba’s Juventus contract, which runs through the summer of 2026, amounts to around €10.48 million (about W14.9 billion) a year, but he will now receive only a fraction of that. A full termination of the contract has not been ruled out, but Juventus are awaiting updates from the player and his national team before making a big long-term decision in the future.

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