“0-5? Annoying, I’m not watching the game!”…Throwing tickets in the bushes and ‘running away’ EPL owner

Britain’s “The Sun” reported on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) that “Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis abandoned his ticket and left the stadium early before the end of the game.”

Marinakis is a Greek media mogul and a member of the Greek city of Piraeus Parliament. In 2017, he was officially inaugurated as the owner of Nottingham Forest. He is also the owner of Greece’s prestigious Olympiacos, where Hwang In-beom and Hwang Ui-jo played in the past. Since 2010, he has been the president of Olympiacos, based in his hometown of Piraeus, and has made his first relationship with soccer.

According to a report by the global sports media “The Athletic,” Marinakis has affection for Nottingham enough to announce his plan to advance to the UEFA club competition within five years and build and remodel a training ground and stadium within five years when he takes over it. In 2022, he dreamed of a big club in the future through generous investment, including the promotion to the Premier League for the first time in 23 years in the club’s history.

“The Athletic” reported that it faithfully fulfilled the role of the father of the club by covering Marinakis alone at the time of promotion and calling him a person who achieved promotion to the first division of Nottingham.

However, as Nottingham’s performance has been disappointing one after another, the owner of the club seems to be furious. “(Nottingham) Forest have won only one of the last 11 games and are now 16th in the Premier League,” The Sun said. Moreover, they suffered a crushing defeat 0-5 away to Fulham.

In the end, Marinakis also failed to keep his position until the end and left the stadium.

“Marinakis was seen leaving Craven Cottage (Pullum’s home stadium) before the end of the game,” the media said. “His game ticket was also found somewhere in the bush.” The ticket, which was found by a fan, contained a photo of Marinakis and his title as the owner. According to the fan, the ticket was abandoned in the bushes with someone’s home garden.

Forest is not the only club he owns suffering. 토토사이트

This is because Olympiacos also lost 0-5 in the 5th round of the 2023/24 UEFA Europa League group stage against SC Freiburg in the German Bundesliga on the 1st. One fan joked, “I’m sure this December will be like a disaster for Marinakis.”

What’s surprising is that even though Nottingham coach Steve Cooper showed poor performance, fans still have strong support.

“I appreciate a lot of support, but I’m honestly so ashamed,” Cooper said at a post-match press conference, “I don’t deserve that support and the fans don’t have a good reason to watch my poor performance.”

With Cooper, who has been in charge of Nottingham since 2021, bowing to the team’s crushing defeat, the owner even threw away his ticket and got angry. The owner’s choice between support from fans and a drop in performance is noteworthy.

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