Will It Be The Next Peddy? Serious Supply and Demand, How Samsung Brought Its Active Big Leaguer

“We have signed Seabold, a new foreign pitcher,” the Samsung Lions announced on Tuesday. Seabold signed on conditions worth a total of 1 million dollars, including a down payment of 100,000 dollars, an annual salary of 800,000 dollars, and incentives of 100,000 dollars. Born in 1996, Seabold was the 83rd pick in the third round by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2017 rookie draft. He made his big league debut after moving to the Boston Red Sox in 2021. After playing in six big league games (all starts) during the 2021-2022 season, Seabold moved his team once again through a trade between the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies.

This season, he remained in the big leagues almost full-time, moving between starters and bullpen. He pitched in 27 games, 13 of which he was the starting pitcher. He recorded 1-7 losses with a 7.52 ERA this season. He has a whopping seven ERA, but it should be taken into account that his team was Colorado. Coors Field, Colorado’s home stadium, is a batter-friendly stadium that represents Major League Baseball since it is located on high ground. Pitchers cannot afford to perform well. Triple-A’s overall record was 13 wins and seven losses with a 4.13 ERA and 1.24 WHIP. 스포츠토토

“Seabold uses a powerful fastball with an average fastball speed of 150 kilometers, as well as change-ups and sliders with a high degree of completion,” the Samsung club said. “We expect that he will play a role in the starting lineup of the Samsung Lions in the 2024 season based on his strong ball power and stable ball control as he has excellent left and right utilization of strike zones.”

As a result, Samsung has signed a new foreign hitter David McKinnon and new pitcher Seabold. After saying goodbye to Jose Pirella, Samsung signed a 1 million dollar contract with infielder McKinnon (down payment of 100,000 dollars and annual salary of 900,000 dollars) to acquire a new face. Then, Seabold was hired to fill two new positions. It is difficult to find a player who spent more than half of this season in the Big League this season due to the recent tight foreign player supply and demand market, but Samsung has been moving fast to snatch good resources. When the NC Dinos bought Eric Peddy for 1 million dollars a year ago, other teams envied him by saying, “I don’t know how he brought in the active big leaguer and the fifth full-time starter.” In fact, he made his comeback to the Major League after winning 20 games and becoming the MVP of the league.

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