“What, Hishalee Song is better?” The production team burst out laughing at the absurdity of the interview with “8 Season Double-digit Goal” SON

Tottenham’s TV interviewers burst into laughter at the humble interview of “Captain” Son Heung-min, who scored double digits in the Premier League for eight consecutive seasons. Son Heung-min led Tottenham to a 4-1 victory with one goal and two assists in the 16th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Newcastle at 1:30 a.m. on the 11th.

Tottenham scored the first goal in the last five games and led 1-0 before conceding an equalizer, a come-from-behind goal, and had no win. In an interview, Son said, “We are softer than our opponents. Our fans should not suffer such a setback. The players should feel responsible.” In the three-day home game, Son led by example.

Son Heung-min played as a left winger in his original position, not as a “nail.” He constantly clashed with his former teammate Trippier, but the ruler on the left was Son. He displayed overwhelming performance as if he were a man of the match. Udogi’s first goal and Hishalisson’s wedge-shaped cross all resulted from Son’s penetrating left.

In the 40th minute of the second half, Newcastle goalkeeper Dubravka urgently made a foul to grab Son’s leg, inducing a penalty kick, which Son scored a neat goal to complete his 10th goal of the season and his team’s fourth goal. He made a click-and-go celebration with Pedro Porro.

He has achieved double-digit goals for eight consecutive seasons. Son has proudly entered the genealogy of great strikers who have scored double-digit goals for eight consecutive seasons in Premier League history, following Wayne Rooney (11 seasons), Frank Lampard (10 seasons), Sergio Aguero (9 seasons), Harry Kane (9 seasons), Thierry Henry (8 seasons) and Sadio Mane (8 seasons).

In an interview with Tottenham TV after the match, Son was infinitely humble. “We played a fantastic game today. Even with a 1-0 lead, we continued to create chances and challenged boldly, and thanks to you, we got good results,” Son said.

Asked about his performance as a winger, not as a front-line striker, Son Heung-min said, “The coach wanted to play with a different idea today, he wanted to dig deeper into the back space and tried to put a quality ball inside the box.

He showed great performance in the box, and I think he was better than me in the box. He was the right striker for the spot today,” he praised. 카지노사이트 순위

Tottenham TV hosts burst into laughter at Son’s humble interview. When Son asked, “Why on earth are you laughing?” the three hosts said, “This is the Son Heung-min style interview.” “You are the top striker… You scored a double-digit goal. This is the Premier League!” he continued.

“I am ready for whatever position my team wants. I have played as a left winger most of my career, and I feel very comfortable. However, my teammates around me played really well. Kulusevski and Udogi also performed really well. They gave me fantastic help to play well,” Son said in expressing gratitude to teammates around him. “Hishalisson’s two goals after injury will also help his team advance further.”

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