‘Same condition as Neuer!’ Munich ‘Living Legend’ Muller wants to renew contract with Munich… What condition do you want?

Germany’s “Barbarian Football” reported on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time), “Thomas Müller hopes to extend his contract with Bayern Munich on the same terms as Manuel Neuer.”

On the 29th of last month, Bayern Munich officially announced on its official website that it had extended its contract with “living legend” Manuel Neuer until 2025.

Another legend, Muller, also wants to renew his contract with the club, except under the same conditions as Neuer.

Munich’s ‘Legend’ Müller joined the TSV Pell youth team in 1993. He later moved to the Munich youth team in 2000 and made his first team debut in the 2008-2009 UEFA Champions League Sporting CP match.

Having been selected by Louis van Gaal, Muller has been selected as the starting member since the 2009-2010 season. This season, Muller played 52 games and scored 19 goals and 16 assists. Since then, Muller has been the mainstay of the team until the 2022-2023 season, leading Munich’s offense.

Muller, who sometimes played as an offensive midfielder, second striker, left and right midfielders and front-line strikers, played in 681 official matches in Munich alone, scoring 237 goals and 261 assists based on “Transfermark.”

Müller, who had established himself as a representative player for Munich, has lost ground recently as Tuchel took the helm. He played in 14 official matches during the 2023-2024 season, but played only 485 minutes. The time lags short of six matches in terms of 90 minutes and full time.

Many expected Mueller’s retirement over this change in position. Since the contract period between Mueller and Munich is June 2024, it is predicted that he will take off his soccer shoes at the end of the season.

However, Mueller does not seem to have any intention of doing so. Earlier, German Sky Sports reported that Mueller has no plans to end his career. “I want to continue playing for Munich after the summer of 2024.”

According to reports at the time, Mueller said, “I definitely want to play after 2024 for another year. That’s my plan, at least so far. I still enjoy playing on the field. I want to show everyone this joy.”

The media reported, “Müller’s contract ends at the end of the season. Müller wants to extend his contract by one year, and Munich wants to finalize contract negotiations with Müller by Christmas.”

“Müller is a veteran of the team. We will never have a player like him again. I understand how much everyone in Munich values him,” Munich Chairman Herbert Heiner said, expressing respect to the “one club man” Mueller.

Sky Sports explained, “If Müller plays in Munich until 2025, he will be able to complete his career. This is because the UEFA Champions League final will be held in Munich, Germany.” 스포츠토토

According to a report by the Barbarian Football Association on Sunday, Müller wants to renew his contract with no pay cut just like Noyer did. Citing German soccer player Bild, media outlets reported that Müller wants to renew his contract even though his playing time has been reduced under Thomas Tuchel. Noyer extended his contract with the club on the condition of the same salary as before. Müller also wants to renew his contract without pay change just like Noyer does.

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