“Please don’t break up.” Fans ask for new things

After reuniting with his old lover, he scored a goal. Manchester United fans urged Marcus Rashford not to break up until the end of his career.

Britain’s Daily Mail said on the 27th (Korea time), “Manchester United fans are convinced that the reason Rashford was able to score was because he was reunited with his ex-fiancee Lucia Roy,” adding, “Fans believe Rashford’s love life will help improve his performance.”

Rashford, who was a nuisance for Manchester United, was reborn as an ace after Erik Turnhach took over last season. He made fans cheer by producing many offensive points like when he was a promising player who was evaluated as the future of Manchester United.

Last season, Rashford had 17 goals and 5 assists in the league alone. He achieved career highs by scoring 30 goals and 11 assists in all competitions, including the League Cup, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Europa League.

However, he has been slow this season. While playing 12 matches in the league, he has only had two goals and two assists. He has also played in four matches in the Champions League, but has had no goals and only had two assists. Rashford, who scored his first goal of this season in a showdown with Arsenal in the fourth round of the Premier League, has been in a scoreless slump for seven matches since then, before scoring again in an away game against Everton on July 27.

Rashford, who started as a second-tier resource along with Bruno Fernandes and Alejandro Garnacho, was given a penalty kick opportunity by Brunu in the 11th minute of the second half when he was leading 1-0, scored a goal as a kicker, and scored an additional goal that made it 2-0 away. Manchester United won 3-0 with the first goal by Garnacho and the additional goal by Rashford, followed by the wedge goal by Anthony Martial.

Fans found something special between when Rashford began to fall into a slump and when his scoring position was revived. He was sluggish after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, who was even engaged, and scored after reuniting.

The Daily Mail noted that Rashford scored against Everton after he was recently seen enjoying a date with Lucia again at a restaurant in Manchester. Fans began to believe that Rashford’s relationship would help them improve their performance. The two, who met at school and started dating, were even engaged by Rashford’s proposal in May last year, but broke up. Fans compared Rashford’s grades with and without a girlfriend, and found that Rashford’s heyday was when he was dating his girlfriend.

In fact, Rashford had his best season with 30 goals last season when he was dating Lucia. However, in recent months, when he split up, he has shown signs of losing confidence and having difficulty maintaining composure in front of goal posts.

Manchester United fans, who realized this, voiced their opinions on SNS that Rashford should continue to meet his girlfriend unconditionally. 토토사이트

According to the Daily Mail, one fan said, “Rashford produced the result as soon as he met Lucia again,” while another claimed, “Rashford should never be separated until he decides to end his professional career.”

Another fan commented, “Some girlfriends seem to bring good luck to their players. So are Rashford and Lucia. If they don’t do it together, Rashford’s performance will drop. Please don’t break up again.” One fan asked, “Thank you Lucia for giving Rashford magic. Please don’t let Rashford run away from your side.”

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