Once Son Heung-min goes through, Tottenham will get used to it…In his seventh week, he’s full of captain’s charm

Tottenham shared a video of Van der Penn’s interview on its official channel on the 27th (Korea Standard Time). Van der Penn talked about a number of topics, from behind-the-scenes stories of his move to Tottenham to his home debut against Manchester United.

Van der Penn moved to Tottenham this summer. Van der Penn, born in 2001, was caught on Tottenham’s radar network last season when he played as a key defender for Wolfsburg in the German Bundesliga. With good physical conditions, fast feet, and excellent build-up skills of 193cm, he has proven his potential to grow into a good defender. 스포츠토토

As soon as Van der Penn came to Tottenham, he took the lead. Tottenham didn’t have reliable center backs such as Eric Dier and Davinson Sanchez, so Van der Penn had to be the main player without even having time to adapt. Fortunately, Van der Penn quickly melted into the team, showing good chemistry with Christian Romero.

Captain Son Heung-min was behind Van der Penn’s ability to adapt to Tottenham so quickly. Van der Penn mentioned Son Heung-min without any hesitation when asked which player took care of him the most.

I don’t know if it’s because of the commonality of being a Bundesliga player, but Son Heung-min actually became close to Van der Penn quickly. At the training ground, the sight of the two players playing with each other as partners was known to fans and became a hot topic.

As a veteran, Son Heung-min helps young players adapt well to the team. Papé Sar, who is 10 years apart, also said that Son Heung-min’s help was of great help in the new environment.

Regarding Son Heung-min as captain, Van der Penn said, “The important thing (as captain) is to act like captain not only inside the stadium but also outside. It’s great, straight on the pitch. “I support everyone outside the stadium,” he said highly.

In an interview with Dutch media, Van der Penn also said, “Son Heung-min knows what message he is delivering. He also has a reputation and experience. When Son Heung-min speaks out, the players begin to listen. He is a lovely player outside the stadium, but it changes when he catches the ball,” he said, talking about how captain Son Heung-min usually behaves.

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