“Now I’ve paid the price. I’ve lost time with my family and friends. But I don’t regret it. That’s why I am today.”

Canuli says that his game took him to a higher level when he enrolled in a 100-day course at Choice Center Leadership University in Las Vegas three years ago. According to its website, Choice Center offers “personal development and leadership courses using empirical learning to enhance emotional intelligence, which is the biggest determinant of life’s success.” Canuli’s instructor was none other than Daniel Negrianu, who attributed his record year as a poker pro in 2014 to his education at Choice Center in 2013.

“In addition to being able to meet Daniel and be friends, it helped me become a much better poker player,” Cannulli says of the 15-day course in his classroom. “I’m not a math person. I play games instinctively, and this has really helped my intuition at the table and in general life. I’m better at picking up clues. I can read people a lot better. It was an amazing experience.” 파워볼게임

Canuli needed extra mental strength not only from the poker board but also from the poker board, where he suffered a series of personal tragedies that took an emotional toll. In the past three years, he lost three close boy friends. Two of them died in a car accident, and the other died from pancreatic cancer.

“It was devastating,” he said. “I’m too young to lose people who are so close to me. But it’s a traumatic reality of life. It has shown me that you have to enjoy your time on this planet and be good to the people you love and yourself. I hope those people live through me now. I want to continue to do something big. I want to be in the Poker Hall of Fame someday. And those people are the ones that motivate me extra now.”

Winning next month’s main event will definitely be a “huge thing” and a huge first step toward the Hall of Fame goal. But it won’t be easy. Canuli, who holds two previous WSOP cash named after her, including last year’s main event, which came in 691, faces a huge challenge ahead, finishing sixth, about 51 million chips behind leader Joe McKeon.

To prepare for the last table, I’m constantly doing online contests in New Jersey, and live contests at the Bogata Hotel Casino and Spa, less than an hour’s drive from home.

Cannuli also dramatically changed his diet and general lifestyle following the recommendation of his regular good friend Antonio Espandiari, who supported him during the main event with Jeff Gross and Brian Rast.

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