Mr Street said he had not intentionally met with any potential casino developers until the report was released, but that he would start doing so in the coming weeks.

Trump Vice President Robert Pickers said Trump will definitely seek a casino license for an 18-acre former industrial property called the Bird Company property in northern Philadelphia. The working class neighborhood, which has a few old row houses and many empty industrial buildings, is called Nystown.

With a few large empty brick structures 10 stories high, the massive Buddha complex is where doors for automobiles and a chassis for railroad cars were once built. It is a block from Philadelphia’s landmark Tasty Baking Company near the intersection of Route 1 and the Schuylkill Expressway.

Mr. Pickers said he liked the casino because it is about 10 miles apart from all but one of its competitors. City officials said they hoped the two newly opened casinos would be too close to each other and not cause traffic congestion.

“Geographically, by expanding the two casinos, we reach the overall [game] market and generate more revenue, which benefits the operators, the cities and the country,” Mr. Fickus said. 바카라사이트

The only other casino site near Nystown is designated as a zone for retail stores along Route 1 a few miles west of the area bordering Montgomery County. But local officials said Target Corp. is securing a site for a new retail complex where the giant Target store is anchored.

Of the nine sites recommended by the Street Task Force, five stretch along the Delaware River. One is an empty, city-owned site that used to have a municipal incinerator. Not far away is a site located in a neighborhood called Fishtown, where the waterfront property is owned by Amerista Casino, a Las Vegas-based company that owns seven casinos across the country.

A few miles south of the two, the third riverfront site is now controlled by Hara’s casinos, which acquired the land a year ago when they acquired Caesar’s casinos. The fourth site has a sheet-metal worker building near Hara’s land, and the fifth is a former Philadelphia naval base that is spread out in the southernmost part of the city.

It’s not clear if casino developers will submit proposals to build on all five of them. Because Hera’s casino is a partner in a new racetrack/casino to be built along Chester’s Delaware, about 10 miles south of Philadelphia, it is not expected to push for casinos within Philadelphia.

Mr. Street has expressed interest in having a minority-owned casino group consider setting up a casino on the site of the incinerator. A group led by Kenneth Trujillo, a former Philadelphia city attorney with political ties to Mr. Street and Mr. Rendell, is considering the option.

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