“Lee Kyung-kyu’s son-in-law” Kim Young-chan returns to Anyang after 5 years → “I will greet you with a play worthy of the cheers of the fans.”

Anyang announced in a press release on the 9th, “FC Anyang, a 100-year-old club with citizens,” has recruited defender Kim Young-chan, who played in Gyeongnam, as a free agent.” 경마

Kim Young-chan, a native of Korea University, made his K-League debut when he joined Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2013. As a teenager, Kim was selected as a national team player by age and assumed the captaincy.

Kim Young-chan, who wore a Jeonbuk uniform, left Daegu FC on loan six months after joining the team, and moved to Suwon FC, which was in the K League 2 at the time, in 2014. Kim Young-chan, who showed his potential by playing in 19 games during his time at Suwon, returned to Jeonbuk ahead of the 2014 season, but played only 17 games in the league in three years.

In the end, Kim left for Anyang again in 2018 to secure time to play. Kim, who played 31 games for Anyang and became a main defender of the K League 2, was re-leased to Suwon once again in the 2019 season, and when his contract with Jeonbuk expired after returning from Suwon, he transferred to Bucheon FC as a free agent.

Kim Young-chan, who played in 21 games after signing a one-year short-term contract with Bucheon in the 2020 season, moved to Gyeongnam FC when his contract expired. After joining Gyeongnam, he played in 28 games (2021) and 21 games (2022) during the two seasons, becoming the starting defender of Gyeongnam.

However, in the 2023 season, the third year of Gyeongnam, he played only eight games due to injuries, and when his contract expired on the 30th of last month, he became a free agent again. Ahead of the new season, Kim Young-chan’s next destination was Anyang, where he played in the 2018 season.

Anyang expected to stabilize its defense through veteran defender Kim Young-chan, who has scored three goals and three assists in 172 games in the K-League. “Kim Young-chan is a defender who shows stable defense coordination based on his long experience,” Anyang said. “He also has excellent physical conditions and interpersonal mark ability. As a player from Anyang who was born in Anyang, he has played in Anyang, he is expected to adapt quickly.”

In particular, Kim Young-chan married Lee Ye-rim, the daughter of broadcaster Lee Kyung-kyu, who is called the “Godfather of Entertainment,” in 2021, and is also well known as Lee Kyung-kyu’s son-in-law.

Kim Young-chan, who returned to Anyang, also said, “I came back to Anyang after five years. I have a lot of people I used to know at the club, so I think I can adapt quickly,” adding, “The team that helped me make a comeback as a soccer player is Anyang. I will play hard for Anyang.”

“Even when I was on the other team, I often got goosebumps from Anyang fans’ cheers,” he said, expressing his determination, “I will greet you with a play that matches the sound of strong shouts.”

Anyang, which has Kim Young-chan, has been conducting the first off-season training for the 2024 season in Chonburi, Thailand since the 3rd. Anyang, which ranked sixth last season and failed to win a ticket to the K League 2 semi-playoff given to the fourth and fifth places, has started to step up its stride with the goal of promotion next season.

Meanwhile, Anyang announced on the same day that goalkeeper Kim Da-sol, who was playing in Jeonnam, was also recruited as a FA at the same time as Kim Young-chan was recruited.

Kim Da-sol, a native of Jin high school and Yonsei University, made his professional debut with the Pohang Steelers in 2010. After spending five seasons with Pohang, Kim has played with various clubs such as Daejeon, Incheon, Suwon FC, and Suwon Samsung. In particular, while playing for Suwon FC in 2018, he played in 29 games and recorded an ERA of 0 points with 27 runs. After spending three seasons as the starting goalkeeper for the Jeonnam Dragons from the 2021 season, he will play for Anyang from the 2024 season.

Kim Da-sol is a veteran goalkeeper who shows stable defense capability based on his long experience. As he also possesses the ability to coordinate defense and judge situations quickly, he is expected to greatly contribute to strengthening Anyang’s backdoor policy.

Kim Da-sol, who joined FC Anyang, said, “I am grateful that a good team invited me. I will try to achieve the promotion that Anyang aims for in the 2024 season,” adding, “I will show you what role I have to play as a member of the team, whether I play in the game or not.”

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