Lee Kang-in is expanding his position by overcoming critical views from French media.

Coach Enrique is a strong supporter of Lee Kang-in. French media ‘RMC Sports’ reported last month that ‘Enrique defended Lee Kang-in from criticism. Enrique said it was good to have Lee Kang-in.’

On Lee Kang-in, Eurosport said, “I have good looks, but I also have bad looks. I lack consistency to secure a solid starting position.” After the Champions League match against Dortmund (1-1 draw) on Dec. 14, Foot Mercato gave Lee the lowest score (3 points) in his team, saying that he made a series of inaccurate passes. After the League 1 match against Reel on Dec. 18, Le Parisien also gave Lee three points, saying that he was vague.

However, no matter how much the media criticizes him, if he says he is not a coach, that is all. A coach has absolute authority when it comes to selecting a player. It is true that evaluation by the media is regrettable, but if the coach’s trust is strong, the player has nothing to fear. Against this backdrop, Lee Kang-in said, “I am glad. Coach Enrique has no doubt about Lee Kang-in.

Enrique cautioned against judging Lee’s potential, saying, “Those who have not taken care of Laliga may not know Lee Kang-in very well.” Enrique said, “Lee Kang-in is a very important player for our team. He can play left winger, right winger, left midfielder and right midfielder. He is a player who can play in every position. He even played in the fake No. 9 position,” stressing how versatile he is.

“Lee Kang-in is a very high-level player. He is very good at defense, and he has a great spirit of sacrifice,” Enrique added. “It is wonderful to have such a young player with such skills and character, to be honest. Besides, he is funny and likeable. In fact, he has everything.”

When Lee Kang-in’s growth was clear, Le10sport was surprised, saying, “The jackpot exploded.” The media highly praised Lee Kang-in, saying, “He was not a widely known player, but he was a really hit.” 안전한 파워볼사이트

In the 2022-2023 Spanish Primera Liga, Lee Kang-in raised Mallorca to ninth place. Mallorca, which was ranked 16th in the 2021-2022 season, made a big splash with Lee Kang-in at the forefront. This season, when Lee Kang-in left, has fallen back to 14th place as of the 18th round.

Lee Kang-in was mentioned as a prospect to represent Europe in the future in recognition of his potential, but he was not widely known. PSG’s transfer fee to Majorca was also cheap.

Le10 Sport said, “PSG was very active during the summer transfer market. Despite spending a lot of money, Lee Kang-in was hired for just 20 million euros. Under PSG’s new coach Luis Enrique, Lee was never a well-known player. The transfer was a huge hit.”

Right after the opening game, Lee had a hard time. His injuries overlapped. He rebounded by winning the gold medal at the Asian Games in October. He scored goals in succession in A-match, French Ligue 1, and Champions League. Enrique deployed Lee in various positions as a wing forward and midfielder to maximize utilization.

Le10 Sport said, “Lewis Campos, the general manager, flew directly to Spain and caught Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in has become famous as a player who is expected to play well in the future. PSG gambled with Lee Kang-in. So far, it is a success in every way.”

David Ginola, a former member of the French national team who played for PSG, said, “When I see Lee Kang-in, I think of Lionel Messi of Inter Miami.” Ginola said, “Lee Kang-in’s left foot is very similar to Messi. It is always a different way. When he is supported by his left foot, we can see the gestures and movements Messi made. We hope that Lee Kang-in will blossom and develop at PSG.”

In terms of marketing, Lee Kang-in has also made clear achievements. Le10 Sport said, “Beyond the internal aspects of the game, Lee Kang-in has become a hit commercially as well. Sales of shirts with Lee Kang-in’s name on them surged. According to a PSG official, the global sales of uniforms are on par with that of Kylian Mbappe.”

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