Kim Ha-sung reports a hit against Milwaukee for the first time in three games…OPS 70% has been prevented from collapsing.

The bat of Kim Ha-sung (29, San Diego Padres), who is known as the “Summer Man,” is not catching fire at all. If this trend continues, even if he becomes a free agent after the end of this season, chances are high that he will be given cold treatment in the market.

Kim Ha-sung started as shortstop and eighth hitter in a home game held at Petco Part in San Diego, California, on the 22nd (Korea time). He was mainly deployed as the fifth and sixth center hitters in the early days of the season, but now he seems to be fixed in the lower batting order. However, he had a hit in the game and tasted his precious hands in the last three games and 10 at-bats.

Kim Ha-sung’s first at-bat came in the bottom of the second inning with runners on the first and second bases with one out. It was an opportunity for him to get the first run if he had a single hit. Kim Ha-sung hit a four-seam fastball with three pitches and 91.1 miles in the ball count of two strikes against Colin Ria (34), the starting pitcher of the opposing team, but he grounded out in front of the second baseman and retired due to a double play that led to 4-6-3.

The second batter’s box was made when he was attacked in the bottom of the fifth inning. Taking the batter’s box in the absence of a one-out runner, Kim targeted a sweeper with three pitches and 82.6 miles in situations such as two strikes against pitcher Lia, who is similar to his opponent team, but was thrown out due to an ordinary fly ball at second base. The batter’s box had no hit in nine at-bats in the recent three games.

The third batter’s box came in the bottom of the sixth inning. Taking the batter’s box with runners on the first base and two outs, Kim Ha-sung hit a sinker of three pitches and 95.6 miles on one ball and one strike from Jared Koinik (30), the opposing team’s new pitcher. It was a precious welcome rain that he garnered for the first time in 10 times at bat.

The fourth at-bat was made with the bases loaded with one-out runners in the bottom of the seventh inning. Kim Ha-sung hit a three-pitch, 99-mile sinker against Elvis Peguero (27), the opponent team’s changed pitcher. The hit was expected to be a double play by becoming an ordinary grounder in front of the second baseman, but Kim Ha-sung advanced to the first base as Milwaukee second baseman Bryce Turang (25) missed the hit.

Kim Ha-sung’s official decision on the hit or error was delayed for a while. However, the RBI was canceled as it was recorded as a fielder’s choice rather than a hit after a long delay by the Major Secretariat. 토토사이트 추천

Kim Ha-sung, who had one hit from four times at bat, posted a batting average of 0.215. His on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) barely managed to prevent his team from collapsing by 0.703. The San Diego Padres defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 9-5 on the day following the previous day, winning three consecutive games after five consecutive losses.

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