Kia won 5-1 in a row against KT and jumped to sixth place with 35 wins, one draw and 38 losses, beating seventh-ranked Kiwoom by one game

Sanchez, who played for the Taiwanese Toong Lions, became the winning pitcher on his first debut stage with five hits (one home run) and 10 strikeouts and one run in 6.1 innings against KT. Sanchez, who threw 88 balls, had 19 out counts. The four-seam fastball had a maximum speed of 147km, and KT hitters were embarrassed with various pitches such as sliders, two-seam, chage-ups, and curves.

In particular, it was so amazing that commentator Park Jae-hong, who was in charge of commentary on the unique fake check, said, “I saw it for the first time.” When the runner went out to first base, Sanchez looked at first base with a gesture that seemed to be hesitating for a moment, and first baseman Kim Min-hyuk hurriedly returned home.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, he bent his left knee at first base with two outs and made a check fake move before entering the set position. First baseman Kim Sang-soo flinched. Sanchez then twisted to first base and immediately checked. 토토사이트

Both the runner and the batter were a little surprised. Next, he threw a check ball straight to first base without a fake move. KT manager Lee Kang-chul approached the referee and appealed to the referee for Sanchez’s fake check, but it was not accepted.

With Sanchez’s check fake, Taiwan’s Toong played for the Lions and did not allow a single steal. He paid attention to checking the runner and did not lose his concentration in the match against the batter.

Sanchez headed to the dugout by handing over the mound to Choi Jimin in the bottom of the seventh inning with one out and first base when Kia was leading 5-1. Sanchez, who made a strong impression, is 185 centimeters tall and weighs 75 kilograms. Sanchez played 10 seasons in the minor leagues and 1 season in the Taiwanese Professional Baseball League (CPBL), respectively.

In this year’s Taiwanese professional baseball league, Tung pitched in 10 games for the Lions and pitched 62⅔ innings with an excellent performance of 8 wins, 1 loss, and a 1.44 ERA. In the minor leagues, he played in 210 games (77 starts) in his career, marking 44 wins, 33 losses, and a 3.94 ERA, and wearing a Kia uniform with an annual salary of $280,000.

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