It’s just the beginning of the season, and the way to attack has come out. That’s how monotonous the offense and defense are.

Seoul Samsung lost 19 straight away games. It is the record for the most consecutive away losses in professional basketball history. The team lost 75-82 to Seoul SK in the second round of professional basketball in the 2023-2024 season at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th.

He has won two games and lost 10 games this season, ranking ninth in the league. It was just 0.5 games ahead of the last-place Daegu Korea Gas Corporation.

What is more important than the result is the content. Looking at the performance, Samsung’s record of consecutive losses is unlikely to be broken soon.

The nine teams against Samsung have the same power analysis. First, he stops Kofi Coburn, a foreign player.

They control it somehow, even through double and triple teams. Since the rest of Samsung’s domestic players are sluggish in scoring, reducing the number of field throws by Coburn alone is more than half of the success.

In addition to Coburn, Samsung has quite a few Korean players with good personal skills. Lee Jung-hyun, Kim Si-rae and Lee Won-seok are all players who are above the league average.

But the team itself only sees Coburn. The attack pattern that Covene comes out when he is beaten by a double team is simple. The two-man game between Kim Si-rae, Lee Jung-hyun and Lee Won-seok has been missing for a long time. There is also no detailed attack tactics on the other side using Coburn as bait.

The next step is to raise the offensive tempo as much as possible and break down Samsung’s defense with a fast attack. Samsung has the highest number of fastballs allowed in the league. Basically, the defense is bad and the organization is sloppy. be helpless against the opponent’s swift attack.

Inside Samsung, the shallow players are considered a losing streak. The outside world sees it differently. The dominant voice is that “it can’t be said to be strong, but it’s not enough to record consecutive losses.” In particular, there are many eyes that Coburn, who is considered the best foreign player this season, and Lee Won-seok, who has yet to reach his full potential, are not being fully utilized.

The last team in the last place for the last two consecutive seasons was Samsung. Samsung is different this season. It has a solid weapon called Coburn. Teams playing against Samsung devote all their energy to Coburn defense. 카지노사이트 순위

If you use it well, you can take various attack patterns. While the opponent focuses on Coburn, he can build up points with a catchy attack, but it is hard to see such a scene yet. If Samsung fails to diversify its offense, it cannot avoid the bottom of the list this season.

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