It also exceeded Mbappe, Lee Kang-in’s Korean uniform ‘Explosion of Popularity’… It soared to 9.2 million won

The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Live Auction site is holding an auction for the uniforms with a misspelled match against Le Havre. With three days left until the auction deadline, Lee Kang-in’s Korean-marked uniforms are overwhelmingly No. 1 with 6,501 euros (9.2 million won).

Kylian Mbappe is followed by 5,000 euros (about 7.1 million won), Randal Kolo Moani 701 euros (about 1 million won), Archiraf Hakimi 602 euros (about 850,000 won), Vitinha 543 euros (about 750,000 won), and the remaining 13 players are formed with less than 500 euros (about 700,000 won).

On the 3rd, PSG’s team went on the ground wearing uniforms with “Korean name” in the 14th round of Ligue 1 against Le Havre. Mbappe with “Mbappe” scored one goal and Vitinha with “Vitinha” scored one goal, enabling them to win 2-0. Donnarumma, which read “Donna Luma,” was sent off early in the first half for a flying kick.

At the locker room after the game, fans could see a uniform labeled “Fabian,” as the player was taken to a hospital with a dislocated shoulder. PSG players got well while holding their uniforms.

Since then, the uniforms worn by PSG players against Le Havre have been auctioned off. Lee Kang-in’s uniform was the most expensive, and the last bidder was a Korean. Currently, Koreans, Americans, and French are competing fiercely. 온라인경마

Even if it is not a Korean uniform, Lee Kang-in’s uniform is popular. Mbappe ranks first with 3,500 euros (about 4.95 million won) and Lee Kang-in ranks second with 3,005 euros (about 4.25 million won) for the team’s uniform against Newcastle United, which is less than a day away from the auction deadline.

After recruiting Lee Kang-in, PSG has realized its popularity. “Since joining Lee Kang-in, PSG has confirmed that Korean fans’ interest in PSG has increased. Korea has become the second largest market for the club,” PSG said on its website.

RMC Sports of France said, “With Lee Kang-in, PSG is enjoying tremendous popularity in Korea and is being of great business help. Lee Kang-in has emerged as a new popular player for PSG as much as Mbappe. PSG is making huge commercial gains.”

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