In particular, reporter Olney also quoted a team leader saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk about the player that everyone is talking about.”

Ohtani’s recent moves have been reported in relative detail not only in the U.S. but also in Japanese media. Four teams including the Angels, Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays completed the first round of negotiations.

Ohtani also had a meeting with San Francisco club officials on the 4th following the Dodgers. He is said to have visited Oracle Park. 슬롯머신

On the 5th, it was reported that he walked with Blue Jays officials at Toronto’s new spring training facility in Dunedin, Florida. It is surprising that Toronto has actively jumped into the battle for Ohtani.

In any case, FA negotiations are clearly underway. “Otani met with Toronto officials. Manager John Schneider and general manager Ross Atkins would never say that,” Olney said. “However, I can say that Ohtani likes the city of Toronto, and I can say that the new spring camp is impressive. The power of Vladimir Guerrero, Bo Bissett’s aggressive hitting, and Kevin Gausman’s splitter can be mentioned as well. We can also talk about Schneider’s humor.”

In other words, Ohtani can talk about the fact that he met the Toronto club with his own mouth and say something light that fans would listen to. This means that as a kind of fan service, it is necessary for Ohtani to disclose the fact wherever the club is negotiating with him.

“Of course, Ohtani has the right to privacy. As we have seen in other sports, choosing a club at a time when fans’ attention is excessively high could be wrong,” Olney said. “As has been evident over the years in Anaheim, Ohtani’s reaction shows little sense of responsibility to the media and fans.

Superstars like Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, and Pat Mahomes have been generous with their valued fans of the sport, the paying consumers. Ohtani is yet to create such an opportunity. Ohtani, who is trying to make decisions while completely covering up information, is missing an opportunity to serve the baseball he loves.’

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