I can’t stop the best starter and the best finish…KIA’s advanced batting line is a myth of autumn

The KIA Tigers are on a winning streak in the fall. After a fierce battle with SSG Landers in Incheon on the 3rd, they came from behind to win 8-6. The process of winning the victory captured the atmosphere of the recent wave. Hwang Dae-in’s two-run shot also hit a three-run home run by Cho Hyung-woo and gave up a 4-4 tie. He was one step ahead again, 5-4, but he was hit by a two-run shot by Choi Jung and turned the tables 5-6.

Still, the game seemed to be over, but he was hip to Ko Jong-wook’s come-from-behind final hit in the top of the eighth inning, and Kim Do-young’s running solo shot exploded in the top of the ninth inning to grab the victory. In the bottom of the ninth inning, closer Jung Hae-young neatly caught three outcounts in one inning and kept the victory. He swept all three consecutive weekend games and won eight consecutive games. Now in fourth place and trailing SSG in third place by 1.5 games. 토토사이트

It was a game that showed the power and structure of the lineup that dominated the league recently. In July alone, KIA’s batting line was far from hot and cohesive. On a monthly basis, he ranked fourth in team batting average (.277) and third in team scoring (86 points). However, he confidently ranked first with a team batting average of .321 in August, scored (1st) and ranked second in hits (246), and continued to explode in September.

In particular, in the process of winning eight consecutive games, double-digit hits reached seven games. During this period, if he had 10 home runs, two triples, and 19 doubles, he recorded a team slugging percentage of 519. The team’s on-base percentage is 399 percent, including the most walks. During the eight-game winning streak, the team’s OPS reached 0.918 points. No. 1 by far. In other words, he is overwhelming his opponent with his bat.

It has an ideal structure from table setters, clean-up trios, lower typing, and backup typing. Leadoff Park Chan-ho is playing the role of an advance guard by recording .382 with eight RBIs, nine runs and seven steals. No. 2 Kim Do-young also set the table at the center of the batting line with .313, five RBIs, 17 runs and three steals. The two players are making batting opportunities by bullying the opponent’s battery with their steal ability.

The center hitter who received the table showed his ability to solve Namda. No. 3 Na Sung-bum showed off an overwhelming hit of .382 with three home runs, 12 RBIs and nine points and an OPS of 1.167. The fourth batter, Choi Hyung-woo, hit .424 with one home run, 11 RBIs, six runs and an OPS of 1.108. He is also leading the center as Na Sung-bum and double solver, ranking first overall in the final hit category. Socrates also supported his team with .291 home runs, seven RBIs and seven runs.

He was good at washing dishes and created a chance for the leadoff. Kim Sun-bin also scored .313, four RBIs and two runs, and catcher Kim Tae-gun also scored .348, five RBIs and three runs. In addition, Hwang Dae-in, who recently returned, hit a home run, and Byun Woo-hyuk also contributed with a .300 batting average. Pinch-hitter Ko Jong-wook and Lee Chang-jin also added sharpness with .300, while catcher Han Jun-su is also posting home runs and RBIs. Coach Kim Jong-kook also used a timely pinch hitter to increase his accuracy rate.

The power of KIA’s batting line is also revealed in the match against opposing pitchers. In the match against KT Wiz on August 24, which was the beginning of the winning streak, he scored four points against closer Kim Jae-yoon, who boasts an ERA of one point, leading a dramatic reversal. Three consecutive games in Gwangju against Hanwha from August 25-27 destroyed Hanwha’s 1st to 3rd starting lineup and achieved a sweep.

Then, in the Gwangju game against the NC Dinos on August 31, the ERA is also around one point. He scored seven runs in three innings against Eric Peddy, the strongest starter. In the previous two games, he was not a batter who had not scored a single point in 14 innings. With the confidence that knocked down Peddy, he won three consecutive weekend literature games with hot hitting. On the 3rd, he succeeded in targeting Seo Jin-yong, a one-point closer, after a close game in Gyeonggi Province.

As the batting is reviving and a strong bullpen is operating, it is filling up the relatively weak starting lineup. The strike has a cycle, so it can fall back to the decline at some point and face a crisis. However, as Kim Do-young said, “I don’t think I’ll lose even if I’m losing,” the current KIA lineup has risen properly. It is the lineup of advancement that creates the myth of autumn.

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